Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Plans

Big Plans
If God had let us keep you,
We had your whole life all planned out.
You’d have been your daddy’s sweetheart,
And my spitfire, there’s no doubt.

You would give us big wet kisses,
And wear ribbons in your hair.
And we’d blow zerbers on your belly,
And you’d have pink princess underwear.

You’d be a straight-A student
And be friends with everyone.
And the boys would all be so amazed
At how fast our girl could run.

You’d have your slumber parties,
And you’d giggle all night long.
And when your dad taught you to drive,
I’d be scared but tag along.

Then you’d move away for college
And it would be so bittersweet.
And you’d set right out to change the world
And be so strong, but still so sweet.

And then one day you’d meet a man
Who loved your spirit and your heart.
And you’d have a bunch of children,
And they’d have their mother’s spark.

One day you’d bury me and dad,
The way our children should.
And you and your brothers would be sad awhile,
But still know that God is good.

If God had let us keep you,
You’d have been a shining light.
Those who met you would not forget you,
And you’d stand for what is right.

But God didn’t let us keep you…

So when your tiny heart stopped beating
We mourned all you’d never do.
It just took a while to realize…
That despite all our dreams, Tiny Angel…
God had bigger plans for you.
Mollie Sheppard
In loving memory of
Aubrie Angelina Sheppard

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm all verclempt

Daxton just brought his glasses to me and leaned his head over towards me to put them back on him.

Just had to share :)