Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cervix like a steel trap

Sooooooooooo, had my OB appointment this morning and all is well. The doc is giving me next week off :) It will be my first whole week in TWENTY weeks with no OB appointment. I'll go back on the 16th for a full ultrasound and doctor visit... At that point I'll be 36 weeks:) Anything after 37 weeks is considered full-term! Looks like we're having us a drive-through baby this time!!!

The stenographer tried for a face pic again today... Notice the big fat "thumbs-up." I like to think he's congratulating my cervix on a job well done :)

Daxton's doing really well. He's pulling up on everything and exploring the new house and doing an excellent job of getting into whatever it is he's not supposed to. It never ceases to amaze me how he can be completely preoccupied playing with his toys and all is well, and in the time it takes me to walk to the fridge or go to the bathroom he seeks out and begins chewing on the nastiest dog toy he can find. We joke that we may not let him be exposed to the common respiratory illnesses, but he's already built up immunity to parvo ;)

And the house is coming along slowly but surely. It's finally starting to feel like a "home" rather than a disaster zone, although it still might resemble a disaster zone to the average house guest. I'm sure once Ty is born we'll have lots of time to finish decorating...

Diapers and bottles make for stylish decor, right???

And speaking of the house, we have roof damage from the storm that came through last week. We've had a couple of roofers out and are waiting for the adjuster. Maybe I'll get a new roof for my birthday?

Hmmmm, I guess that's our updates for now? Hope you all have a great, safe 4th! I'll add on a couple of pics beforre I go...

Dax on his Elmo crotch rocket. Maybe for his 2nd birthday he can get an Elmo Harley :)

Dax and his new toy, the ever-patient Jasper. Thank goodness that kitten has a good temperment!

Lounging in the pool in his hat and his sunglasses under his shade with his 5ospf on :) What you can't see is his adorable little booty in his very manly speedos :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're all getting fat

Everyone but Shep, that is. No sympathy weight on his part. The little ones and I are getting BIG though :) Dax is almost 20 lbs now, Little Ty was 5lbs 2oz at my ultrasound today, and I weigh... Well we won't go there. Definitely won't be winning the Miss Anorexia pageant this year! Maybe I have a chance at Miss Cankles USA :)

I actually have very little to report this week. Dax has not had ANY appointments this week. He's had PT and speech therapy, but there were no major developments on either of those fronts this week. Just plugging along!

I had a full ultrasound today and Ty is hanging out marinating just like he should. He's getting a little big for MY breeches :) He's still head-down, as he has been for weeks and weeks, but I'm expecting him to flip over into some strange position at any time now since that's just the kind of boy he seems to be. You may remember his big brother greeted the world butt first. I wouldn't expect anything less from Ty. Definitely something they inherited from their father ;P
Guess that's all our news! We love you all, and hope you're doing well!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally got internet :)

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long... It's been a busy couple of weeks :) It's a good thing... But I have a lot of updates...

We'll start with the current star (soon-to-be-co-star) of the show... Dax is doing FANTASTIC. We had a pulmonology appt last week and they continue to be extremely pleased with his lungs. They changed his potassium schedule from 3x/day everyday to 3x/day every other day, with hopes of weaning him off of it soon if he's able to hold his potassium levels on his on while remaining on the diuretic. His potassium levels have consistently been slightly on the high side so we'll see...

Oxygen levels remain good, with his settings remaining on about .1 to .25 liters at all times now. He's okay on such a low setting, but he still needs that little whiff of air to keep his sats in the high 90's... But looks like he won't be on the oxygen a whole lot longer now if we can just keep him healthy and keep those lungs growing!

He still eats like a champ, although we are having a little trouble transitioning him to chunkier foods due to a very sensitive gag reflex from all the tubes down his throat for so long. We still use the feeding tube at night to make sure he's getting a good volume of the special high-calorie, high-nutrient formula he's on that is made specifically for preemies... Since he still can't drink thin liquids without choking this helps him get in all those nutrients and calories he'd otherwise miss out on, or have to work super hard for. (Don't feel sorry for him... He gets the yucky formula by tube, and peaches and oreos by mouth. It's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!)

As far as milestones, he's pulling up on everything and experimenting with letting go with one hand while holding himself up with the other. He's cruising around his toys and furniture slowly but surely, and can get anywhere he sets his mind to via his "Daxton-ized" commando crawl. He's getting stronger and more coordinated everyday... And never ceases to amaze us! We're still working hard on Baby Boot Camp Phase 2... You remember his goal is to be taking steps by July 27 (his original due date, and corrected 1-year birthday.)

We also now have, count 'em, FOUR gold teeth, and will have two more any day now. We were hoping just his first two teeth would be discolored, but looks like they're all going to be that way. Oh well, he has the cutest yellow smile you've ever seen! It's like a mouth full of sunshine (or plaque, but sunshine sounds better ;P)

And finally, after lots and lots of work on our part, and lots of ambivalence and noncompliance on his part, Dax now has two baby signs in his repertoire: "daddy" and "mama." Of course, he signs "daddy" more often, and during the most random activities, but I'm seeing "mama" a little more often... Like when I came home from work yesterday and was saying hello to him and his nurse... And then I asked her if he'd pooped that day and her eyes got big and she turned to him and said, "Whoooo had the biggest, stinkiest poop ever today?" to which he replied immediately by taking his thumb to his chin and signing "mama." Oh, what a comedian.

He is also now saying his first word verbally, and it's not daddy OR mama. Oh, no, someone much more important, who has been much more instrumental to our child's welfare and development. You know, Cookie Monster. Oh, yes, Dax will clearly, and perfectly, say "coo-kie" with all the rasp and phlegm that Cookie Monster himself musters up when he says it... Its very cute, and very sweet, and, as with everything else he does, I will one day catch a video of it if he ever lets down his "camera radar" that causes him to limp and lifeless anytime anyone within a 20-ft radius turns on a camera.

Sooo, I think that's all for Dax for now... As for Ty, he's still hanging out where he should be and we're officially 32 weeks now :) Forty-ahem-something pounds up, and I've started getting swollen ankles and spider veins and even a stretch mark or two :) Why the smiley face, you ask? I never been this pregnant before! I just hope some of this wreckage is salvageable after the fact :)

The house is coming along well! We're living here now and enjoying the extra space. We're very thankful for our friends and family who have and continue to help get wallpaper down, paint up, and cleaning done... As much as we love the house, there was, and remains, a lot of work to be done before it's finished... But I guess you're never finished!

And FINALLY, even though it seems like we might have enough on our plates right now, some of you are aware we had been contemplating taking in a local homeless baby once our new house came through and we had enough room. Well, all parties involved were in agreement that Shep and I are capable of providing a comfortable, happy home for the little one, and we officially welcomed the baby to our home yesterday. He seems quite taken with us and he is adjusting to his new home and family as quickly as can be expected. We look forward to providing him with the best and happiest possible home life we can!

Just for some background, his mother has several little ones and she is unwilling to care for them any longer. His father's whereabouts are unknown, although it is obvious that he is mixed heritage.

And his name is Jasper :) And he's the sweetest kitten ever :)

Love you all. Hope you're doing well!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Quick Update...

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in posting but it's been a madhouse around here... Now that we have the new house my nesting instinct has kicked in full-force and I'm trying to run my very own Extreme Home Makeover (minus TY Pennington, or lots of money.) The house is coming along GREAT but there is sooo much work that has to be done before we can move in... All cosmetic, and hygienic, but time consuming and non-fun. We're very grateful for all our friends and family who have helped out!

But we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Dax had a neurology appointment yesterday and the doctor seemed very pleased with Dax's progress. He had nothing negative to say, just that we will continue to monitor to make sure Dax doesn't start losing any of his skills or showing signs of seizures, etc... He even decided against doing a repeat MRI right now because A.) He's doing so well, B.) It wouldn't change his treatment, and C.) With him still being on oxygen sedating him could cause setbacks with his breathing.

So, yay for little man :)

As for me... humming along here with a big ole boy in my belly who has discovered my spleen is something fun to jump on :) He's a mover and a shaker and is staying exactly where he needs to be... With his head on my bladder and his feet in my ribs :) I'm officially almost 32 weeks now! 8 more weeks to go!

Or even more if I have my way with things... I'm shooting for this baby to be crawling and eating solids before he comes out!

At any rate, that's all our news for now... Dax is GREAT, Ty is GREAT, Shep and I are TIRED but very very THANKFUL :)

We love you guys!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updates :)

Soooo, short post after a long day...

1.) Dax is pulling all the way up, all the time, now... Already cruising around his bed and toys some... He has less than 2 months before Baby Boot Camp #2 ends, so I'm glad to see he's finally kicking it into gear!

2.) My OB appt was today and everything continues to look fantastic :) All signs are pointing to a full-term drive-thru baby. Shooting for a 10-lber this time, and it just might do it if I keep going to Sonic EVERYDAY. (BTW-Ty is def a beef and dairy baby... He would live off hamburgers, steak, and milkshakes if I let him... And I pretty much do... I won't be surprised if he comes out mooing!!!)

3.) WE CLOSED ON THE HOUSE TODAY. We didn't expect a fast or simple closing, and we weren't disappointed :) But, what's two and a half hours when you've been trying to buy a house for 4 months? Long story short, it's ours now:) You're welcome to help us paint, clean, and take down wallpaper!!!

That's all my news for now...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally got our glasses!!!

On a much happier note than yesterday, we finally picked up Dax's glasses today... He doesn't seem to mind them at all, and we think he's happier now that he can see the world!

Pair #1 :)
Pair #2, and my personal favorites :):)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Estate Advice 101

1.) If you ever get the chance to buy a short sale, don't. I don't care how much money you'll save. Run, and run fast.

2.) Apparently 4 months is not long enough for a broker to get your affairs in order. Maybe 6 months is more appropriate.

3.) Make sure your mortgage broker did not get his degree from Online Degrees for $99.

4.) If your mortgage broker is calling you for information AFTER your appointed closing time, you might have a broker that got his degree for $99 from Online Degrees.

5.) Just because there's a mortgage crisis and banks are in trouble, don't assume they actually want your money. Apparently good credit and good jobs are strikes against you. (Maybe they get less bailout money if you actually pay your mortgage?)

BTW-We DID NOT close today. We likely WILL NOT close tomorrow. We MAY NOT ever close. We STILL DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. I am FRUSTRATED.