Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're all getting fat

Everyone but Shep, that is. No sympathy weight on his part. The little ones and I are getting BIG though :) Dax is almost 20 lbs now, Little Ty was 5lbs 2oz at my ultrasound today, and I weigh... Well we won't go there. Definitely won't be winning the Miss Anorexia pageant this year! Maybe I have a chance at Miss Cankles USA :)

I actually have very little to report this week. Dax has not had ANY appointments this week. He's had PT and speech therapy, but there were no major developments on either of those fronts this week. Just plugging along!

I had a full ultrasound today and Ty is hanging out marinating just like he should. He's getting a little big for MY breeches :) He's still head-down, as he has been for weeks and weeks, but I'm expecting him to flip over into some strange position at any time now since that's just the kind of boy he seems to be. You may remember his big brother greeted the world butt first. I wouldn't expect anything less from Ty. Definitely something they inherited from their father ;P
Guess that's all our news! We love you all, and hope you're doing well!

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