Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For Prematurity Awareness Day

For All Our Babies
For all the babies who couldn’t breathe
For all the babies who couldn’t eat
For all the babies who couldn’t leave the hospital when their mothers did
For all the babies who fought for every milestone
For all the babies swaddled in blankets and wires and tubes and leads and probes
For all the babies who were never held
For all the babies who will only know a hospital home
For all the babies who will be forgotten, or never known, by others
For all the babies who were born so tiny
For all the babies who were born so early
For all the babies who have overcome
For all the babies who haven’t

You’re our heroes, and our peace, and our hearts.
And you’re perfect.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Justice for a Sweet Baby :)

Sometimes there are terrible stories with terrible endings.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, terrible stories have a happy, happy ending.

Remember Sweet Baby?

Well, yesterday, his terrible beginning was left behind, and his new, much better beginning offically started. Sweet Baby was finally adopted.

Congratulations to Team Baby. All the sleepless nights, the hospital stays, the tears, and the worrying have led you to this day.

And now, it is my sincere pleasure to bring you Mr. Chase, official son of Josh and Tonya, and brother to Landon :)

Because, seriously, who doesn't love a happy ending?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A toast to beat all toasts

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of grabbing drinks with two people who worked in the NICU during our NICU time, both of whom have my heart for eternity. The conversation drifted to how difficult NICU life can be for mothers, like the times when we're sitting there trying to make conversation while the nipple nazis are massaging our boobs and trying to get the baby to latch. My one friend said, "Oh, it takes a special relationship to be able to do that."

"Um, you've both seen my vagina," I say, as the bartender delivers our drinks.

The conversation then turned to my deliveries, and who was where, when, and why.

"Well then," my friend says. "It's Mollie's vagina that's brought us together. Cheers to Mollie's vagina!"

And we toasted my vagina, and all her contributions to the world.

Maybe I'll add her many accomplishments to my resume.