Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A toast to beat all toasts

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of grabbing drinks with two people who worked in the NICU during our NICU time, both of whom have my heart for eternity. The conversation drifted to how difficult NICU life can be for mothers, like the times when we're sitting there trying to make conversation while the nipple nazis are massaging our boobs and trying to get the baby to latch. My one friend said, "Oh, it takes a special relationship to be able to do that."

"Um, you've both seen my vagina," I say, as the bartender delivers our drinks.

The conversation then turned to my deliveries, and who was where, when, and why.

"Well then," my friend says. "It's Mollie's vagina that's brought us together. Cheers to Mollie's vagina!"

And we toasted my vagina, and all her contributions to the world.

Maybe I'll add her many accomplishments to my resume.


Shannon said...

Oh my word - that IS the best toast EVER! I LOVE it!!

Stacy said...

I suppose I should thank my uterus, for without it you would not be my friend. ;)

Only the Sheppards said...

Yes, that God for well-traveled va-jay-jays, crappy cervixes, and poorly functioning uteruses (uteri? hmmm), for without them I would not have the amazing circle of friends I have today ;)