Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coupla more requests...

Couple of prayer requests, folks...

1. My friend Daphne's house was struck by lightening yesterday and her family has lost all their physical things. She's amazing, and they'll be fine, but just please pray for their strength and comfort. Please pray especially for their sons, Blake and Bryce, that they are comforted with all these things they might not yet fully understand.

2. Hopefully (!!!) Baby Rosemary will finally get her trach out tomorrow! It's been one thing after the next after the next after the next standing in their way, but pray that tomorrow it finally happens and Rosi can finally work on the next phase of her life!

3. Please pray for my friend Dana. We met in the NICU and she is pregnant again with a baby girl names Teegan. Teegan keeps trying to make a grand entrance, but it would be in everyone's best interest if she would stay put in her mom's uterus for, say, about 5 more months. Dana has had a cerclage and is on meds and bedrest to halt the labor... Please pray Dana's body cooperates and Teegan stays put.

Thanks guys!

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