Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A tiny little update on a tiny little Sweet Baby

Hi all,
Team Baby is back from Disney and they’re relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world, one crappy parent at a time. Here’s the latest scoop:

The open adoption papers Team Baby worked so diligently at getting prepared and filed before they left for Disney? Yeah, nothing’s been done about them yet. For Team Baby’s lawyer to set up a meeting to discuss that option, either the biological parents’ lawyer must be present OR both parents must be present, and their lawyer has been indisposed and biological mom has been… Well, nobody really knows where biological mom has been. (I can tell you where she has not been, and that is seeing her son at visitation. She hasn’t shown up for a scheduled visitation since June, nor has his biological father shown up since the beginning of July. But I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.)

Apparently the biological parents’ lawyer has notified Team Baby that biological dad has stated intent to file divorce and seek custody of all four of his children as a single father, but this had been said before and is very likely just a ploy to buy more time before termination of parental rights is complete.

So, what are they looking at now? Theoretically, if biological dad filed for divorce today, it would take 90 days for the divorce to be final, and then the state would give him the opportunity to work a parenting plan as a single father to try to get custody of his kids.

The packet to terminate parental rights will be filed by the state this month. That being said, it will take about six months for there to be a court date to determine if the biological parents have officially used up all their (many, many, many, many) chances to be the parents, guardians, role models, and protectors of their four children, including Sweet Baby.

Technically that could leave about three months for biological dad to straighten up and work a plan. Team Baby is hoping it’s too little, too late, and too improbable, but it ain’t over ‘til the judge signs on the dotted line.

So for now they wait. And take him to his doctors’ appointments. And complete his ongoing home exercises. And get up with him when he’s sick at night. And get him to his many, many therapies. And love him.

And take him to Disney World…

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

This story is captivating. I really really really hope this all works out for Team Baby. Thanks for updating!

Oh - and LOVE the diaper cover! Sooo cute!