Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Facts

I'm long overdue for an update, I know, but I don't think it's going to happen tonight. I did have a plethora of fun facts to throw your way though, so here goes:

The boys' 1st Halloween party is tomorrow.
The boys both have colds.
They will miss their aforementioned 1st Halloween party.
Dax had a sleep study in September.
The sleep study showed mild obstructive apnea.
The doctor started Dax on Singulair.
Dax DOES NOT DO WELL on Singulair.
A subsequent xray of his adenoids showed marked enlargement, almost obstructing the entire airway.
Dax has a Flonase nasal spray each day now.
He LOVES it.
He signs "more eat" when it's done.
He now wants to stick all his meds up his nose.
Ty loves taking meds now, since his big brother takes lots of meds.
Ty gives himself "breathing treatments."
They calm him down.
Ty likes to pick up Dax's syringes and suck on them.
Ty now also sticks the syringes up his nose.
We've begun a mission to fatten Dax up.
We're giving him olive oil via tube everyday now.
It's really helped his pooping.
There are 120 calories in a TBSP of olive oil.
I previously thought olive oil was healthy.
Next time I'll ix-nay the vinaigrette.
Ty really wants olive oil, too.
Ty REALLY doesn't need the extra calories.
Monday will be their last day of school.
They both love it and are doing great, but no Synagis this year.
Kids are little germ-mongers.
I adore Ty's curls.
He's developed a "poof" in the back that was completely unmanageable.
Until yesterday.
I found the solution in the ethnic hair care section.
It also works on blondes ;)
Dax knows his colors now.
The boys haven't slept well since they've been sick.
I put TyTy in the bed with me last night and cuddled.
I LOVE cuddling with that child.
He's such a warm little teddy bear.
Cuddling with Dax now is a lot like cuddling a bony little worm.
With feet.
In my ribs.
And a butt in my face.
All in all, everyone's well.
I promise a better update soon!
And please keep praying for our friends!

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Katrina said...

Ummm I nearly get a cramp in my side when I read your updates Mollie because I laugh so hard... Thanks :)