Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Belated Christmas, all! We had a wonderful Christmas here. Santa did come, though I think Dax was a little worried he straightened up too late in the game. I'm extremely glad we didn't disturb Santa as we ran back and forth to Dax's room 15 times that night due to one thing or the other, but we didn't see him. And since we forgot to leave him cookie, he drank some formula, which we thought was pretty rude. That stuff is expensive!

Daxton was adorable opening his gifts... By adorable, I mean half asleep and uninterested for the most part, but that's our boy :) He did enjoy playing his little piano, but Spanky the vibrating monkey was the winner of the day. I was most excited about his big shiny therapy ball but when we put him on it he gave us this sad look and a sigh so we gave him a reprieve for the moment and gave Spanky back to him. What a rotten little boy we've created!
Ma and Papa Scrooge Mills and uncle Jon came up Christmas Day, and we ate like kings that night and the next morning. We even fixed Dax a special meal of baby food ham and vegetables... Which we now know he does not like, not even one little bit. We gave him a little taste of apple cobbler, however, and that went over much better. Oh, no. Not spoiled at all...

I suppose that's the majority of our Christmas news... As for other goings on, things were almost calm this week, with only a few therapies. During our PT session on Christmas Eve, Yum Yum made the comment that she was going to attempt to get more visits approved for Dax as "his progress these past two weeks is nothing short of remarkable." *Proud mommy sigh* His therapy hours will start over in the next calendar year, but she does not want to lose time between now and then. Pray the approvals go through!
As for our little peanut, I have started getting sick again... Funny how I forgot how much fun "all-day" sickness is, when you are starving, then when you eat you spend the rest of the day burping and throwing up in your mouth. Yay! Not to mention that I am not even two months pregnant now but already pee when I sneeze. Fun stuff.

We went to sneak in for a head-count ultrasound yesterday, but the place was closed... So still we wait... And I grow and grow.

On a different note, I finally got through to social security this week to let them know Dax is now out of the hospital. (I say finally, because apparently there is one phone line for 3 counties, and getting through is nearly impossible.) While he was in the hospital he received a $30 check each month to help with expenses. (I'm not ungrateful, because every little bit helps, but there were times when gas prices were so high it would have been more cost effective to burn the check for heat rather than drive to the bank and cash it!) At any rate, I finally got through to the SSI office to let them know he was home, and I went through about 20 minutes of interview to see if he would qualify for ongoing SSI assistance. The lady finally determined we do not qualify based on income, so I told her thank you and Merry Christmas, but she tells me hastily we're not done yet... And spends another 15 minutes telling me about all the documentation we'll have to supply on a monthly basis or we could get in serious trouble with the government. We have to supply this documentation to make sure they are not overpaying us, although they will not be paying us anything. I'm still scratching my head over that one. I'll let you know when I figure it out... In the meantime I guess I'll be getting that paperwork together!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you the best in 2009. Love you all!


4 on the go said...

so i just finished reading all your posts, you really do have a fighter on your hands and he is so handsome.
Hope things carry on working out fou all.

emma and her boys

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Thanks so much!

The Kelly's said...

I love erading your posts! They make me laugh out loud!!!!! You have such a wonderful attitude about all your stressors!

SSI is things that I don't say. We qualified, for a short stent. I always called and filled out ALL those papers- then, one day- OUT OF THE BLUE! I get a letter in the mail saying they had overpayed me and I had to pay it all back! (Long story, short, I was ugly, and appealed, etc... and got out of repayment.)

I hope Dax continues to amaze everyone! He is a true wonder! Good luck with this pregnancy. I have been so blessed to have not been sick with this one (aside from a stomach bug) but, no baby sickness! God probably knew I didn't have time for it- and one suprise was enough! You and I are alike in many ways (obviously)- lets just HOPE AND PRAY we can carry these baby's at least closer to term!