Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, a post on a Tuesday!

Hi folks,

Quick update... Went to the cardiologist (a different one) yesterday and no changes were made. Got back the lab work and everything looks fine. Today we had absolutely no appointments of any kind. It was very strange, and kind of nice. Tomorrow he has therapy but that's about it, and then on Christmas Ma and Papa Scrooge Mills and uncle Jon are coming up to visit. It'll be the first time Jonathan gets to see Daxton... I hope he behaves himself! (You'll have to guess which one I hope behaves...)

I'm growing exponentially and am getting anxious for that head count... Surely it's just one? Maybe she already weighs 5 lbs! Wouldn't that be nice!

Lots of people have noticed we refer to our peanut as a girl. There's a story there... It's a well-known NICU-ism that there is a hierarchy of strength in the NICU, with little black girls being the strongest babies, and little white boys are at the bottom of the totem pole and are referred to as "wimpy white boys." (We, of course, gave birth to their king!) Everybody else falls somewhere in the middle. So, that being said, I told Shep a long time ago that if we ever had another baby, it was going to be a little black girl. So. for the time being, we're referring to her as "Sheniqua." (Not sure if that's PC? Oh well.)

And that reminds me of a random story:

When Daxton was so jaundiced he was this gorgeous dark golden brown color, and he looked so strange next to me, as the closest thing I saw to the sun for months was his jaundice lamp. (To quote Nurse Natalie, "No one is whiter than you, Mollie.") One day Shep and I were coming in to visit Dax when he was on the critical care unit, and I remember walking in and seeing 5 or 6 people standing at his bedside way down the hall. Once you're in the NICU for a while, you learn that it's NEVER a good thing to walk in and see a lot of people at your bedside! We see the respiratory therapist standing by the bed, and it appears that she has Daxton by the back of the neck, holding him by her side and everyone is looking at her. He can't be out of the bed! She can't hold him that way! Is he dead?! What's going on?! Of course, we freak out and run down to them, and then laugh as we realize the RT was doing a demonstration on positioning babies on the ventilator, and she was using a little black CPR doll to do the demo. Looked EXACTLY like Dax from the back. (The picture above was from "the dark ages." Remember when?)

Not really sure how I got off on that tangent, but I always thought that was funny.

Hope you all are well! Love ya!


Cynthia said...

This is a great idea Dax had for getting a blog. It's all about him, he has his own personal fan club, he gets to show off all of his cute pictures, and now Mom will have more time to spend with HIM instead of e-mailing every person she and Dad have known for the past 15 years. :) Looking good cutie!

lorna said...

Mollie, I followed you from your myspace. I too, am mom to a twinless twin. I got pregnant on my little guys one year birthday...we swore from day one we needed a strong baby girl...and she was!!!!

I love your blog, just plain ol' down to earth. Daxton is adorable.

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Thanks guys!