Friday, May 29, 2009

I feel better now :P

Hi everyone,

Quick post to let you guys know all's well here. Mr. Dax had a great week and continues to improve with his balance pulling up and getting around. He's just doing so stinking well!!!

His new big boy convertible carseat came in yesterday. I thought I'd be smart and do everyone a favor... I'd read countless places that policemen and firemen are trained in installing car seats, and to stop by any station and they'd install one for you, and make sure it's done correctly. Clever me, I called our neighbor, who's a fireman, and drove out to the EMT station where he was working last night to have one of them install the seat, rather than listen to my husband swear and yell for 2 hours that it won't fit, there is a piece missing, the &%# seat is broken, etc..., before he eventually will throw the seat into the road to be run over by the next passing car... Or some variation of that story.

At any rate, apparently due to budget cuts, there is no longer a car seat certification. There are, however, several very kind men working at that particular EMT station... About seven of which took turns for about an hour and a half trying to install the car seat... (You know, two to read the directions, four to take turns trying to make it fit, and two to stand by giving "helpful" hints and laughing at them...) But they only swore a few times, there was no yelling, there were only a few comments about missing pieces, and the seat was never thrown, though I think a few of them thought about it :) I WAS told several times to never, EVER remove the seat, because it must have been designed by NASA and you have to have a degree from MIT to install it :) Only the best for my boy!!!

It was community service at its finest. Thanks guys!!!

As for me and my littlest monster, as of Thursday he is 3 lbs, 6oz!!! That's more than twice as big as Dax was when he was born. Daxton's girlfriend's mom and I were laughing yesterday that Ty is now the size of those kiddos we used to refer to as "those giant mutant babies." What worries me is that he is now growing really well and looks as if he might be headed towards being a big baby... Which is a Mills thing... Sheppards have smaller babies... Although that's not what worries me. What worries me is that we're going to end up with a BIG BIG BOY with a BIG BIG ATTITUDE!!! He's already showing his stripes... We tried for 10 minutes yesterday to get a clear 3-D pic of his face during the ultrasound, but nooooooooooo... You could just see him laughing as he put and hand in front of his face, then his foot, and then his hand... Oh, and just in case you were wondering, there was NO attempt to hide the boy parts... THOSE he keeps on full display. I'm going to get the doctor to smack his bottom extra hard during his initial post-partum assessment just for that one...

AS FOR THE HOUSE... THE %&$# HOUSE... We HAD a closing date scheduled for this coming Monday, as you'll remember. We're still waiting. We still don't know. Everything has been turned in and done and all we can do is wait and pray (and swear a lot.) If we don't close Monday then we may or may not get the house, and we will lose our earnest money if we don't close, and by no fault of our own. We did, however, sell our current house this morning, woo hoo, so hopefully we'll get the new house next week and will put a kibosh on our "homeless" status. (We do have 60 days before we have to move out of this one... It could be a whole lot worse...)

If we DO close on our new house this coming week, you're all invited to a Beer and Paint Party on June 6th :) As I'm currently 3 shades of knocked up, and we have a son who flunked Breathing 101, we're recruiting help with cleaning and painting in the new house so that Dax and I can hang out away from fumes as much as possible. (In other words... Shep will be a busy boy :) All who participate will get an autographed picture of me at the beer store with Dax and his oxygen on my hip looking not the slightest bit out of place. (BTW-we'll have regular drinks for us non-drinkers...)

Oh, and we'll feed you, too.

Come on, it'll be fun! (For me and Dax :P)

Alrighty, time to go eat now. Love you all, and thanks for all the continued prayers and support!!!


Leanne said...

The visual of you and Dax on a beer run cracked me up!!!!!

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

This entire blog had me laughing! Glad you're feeling better.