Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's appointments...

Quick post to let you know after the longest day in the history of man, Dax finally passed his hearing test today!!!
The good news is... He CAN hear.
The bad news is... I now know he just chooses to ignore me. Is it too young to start beating him... I mean... giving him lots of love pats... everyday?

I asked his ENT (who happens to be a man) if he thought Dax was a little young to demonstrate Y-chromosome related selective hearing... To which he replied... "What?"

Not funny.

Had my appointment today and all still looks well there. Ty's a big boy now, with his head on my bladder and butt behind my belly button. Looks absolutely perfect! We'll get another complete ultrasound next week so we'll have a weight... Hoping for at least a 3-lb heavyweight!!!

That's all for now... Dax has neuro-developmental clinic on Friday, but we're expecting that to go very well... Will post sometime afterwards...

Oh, and BTW, ran into one of Dax's old NICU-mates, Cydnee, at the ENT today. She looks FANTASTIC!!! She spent 11 months in the NICU and has a trach and g-tube, but she was all smiles and just waved and clapped the whole time we talked to her... That's one tough little broad... :)

Okay, love y'all! Hope you have a great rest of the week!


Leanne said...

Okay, even though I usually know all the updates before I read them here, your blog is always the highlight of my week. You crack me up! I was rolling that the ENT asked you "what?" to your selective hearing, Y chromosome question. Love ya!!!!
Oh and Dax is still too little for beatings, but Shep isn't so beat him. It's probably his fault anyway. :P

4 on the go said...

Glad he past his hearing.
Way to go Dax!

As to the hearing both my boys have selective hearing, especially when i'm telling them to stop something ha ha.

(oh by the way this is Em, we changed our blog address)

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

I got chills reading about Cydnee- soo glad you saw her. She was born a few hours after JD and was one bed down. I have wondered how she was but had no way to find her.

Yay for Dax being able to hear! maybe he will listen to ya one day!