Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another request...

I swear, sometimes real life would make terrible fiction. If I'd read it in a book I would find it difficult to swallow, but I guess the "real life is stranger than fiction" cliche is true... Real life is stranger, and more cruel.

They buried Baby Payton yesterday after a beautiful service honoring her short life. Baby Levi, who is almost a year old and is suffering from cancer, was there with his mother. His mother and Payton's mother have become very close over this past year. While at the service, Baby Levi became ill and had to be life flighted to Vandy and remains critical at this time.

I do not know Levi or his mother or any of the details of his illness, but I ask that you all keep him and his family in your prayers at this time, too.

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Jennifer said...

That's horrible! I'll be saying a prayer for them all.