Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The newest addition...

My mom got on to me today for sitting around doing nothing all day instead of updating my blog, so I put in my earplugs and got my priorities straight and here I am. I have at least 18 more years to feed the babies… They’ll keep :P

As I said before, Ty is perfect and has the best lungs ever. Ever… and he really, really likes to use them!!! He was born Thursday morning and, other than a few breaks to eat or sleep, has screamed and screamed and screamed… Like to the extreme that his parents who have prayed for months for strong lungs began to pray for maybe a touch of laryngitis… Just make him a little hoarse, Lord… Just a little.

Of course, we don’t really mean it… Most of the time.

Actually, today has been a much better day. Ty has been super gassy and we know his tummy has been hurting, but this morning he had a massive booty blowout (or 3) and he’s been much happier ever since. Yay :)

The only issue we’ve had with our newest monkey is his current disinterest in boobs. I say disinterest… I think a more accurate description would be to compare putting his face near a nipple to placing a cat in the bathtub. (In case you’ve never given a cat a bath, it’s not easy or particularly fun…)

So we spent 2 days trying to get the kid to eat unsuccessfully from the tap, with his response being adamantly and fervently “NO,” with our only success at getting him to drink being from a plastic hospital spoon. He’d lick it off the spoon like he’d been eating for years… Thankfully we’re having a little more success now using the “bait and switch” method of letting him suck his paci and then switching him to Boobtown without him noticing. I still have to finish up with a Haberman bottle to make sure he’s full (thanks, Gloria!) That of course, means I’m pumping again, which I had hoped to avoid, but maybe before long Ty will be more cooperative. Wait, who am I kidding???

I was laughing today about the difference between actually feeding a baby and just pumping… The brain is a funny thing… Last time I pumped for months without any actual skin to skin with Dax, and, of course this time I’m putting Ty up there every time he fusses… So this time around I’m milking through every item of clothes I have any time any child so much as whimpers, and last time I only made milk in the presence of pumps and hydraulic construction equipment. Strange…

And lots of folks have asked how Dax is adjusting to having a little brother… And I’d have to say Dax likes Ty about as much as Ty likes boobs. Oh well, hopefully brotherly love comes later!

At any rate, it’s bedtime around here and I need to go… I did take a break to feed the children (and load the dishwasher and pump and take a shower and do Dax’s nightly routine and pump and talk on the phone and wash clothes and eat and take my medicine and pump) and it looks like I’ll have to add my birth story later… I will say that it was a fun delivery with a wonderful (and diverse) medical staff, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!!!

Good night :)


dana said...

Your blogs always are so entertaining! I am however very anxious to hear this birth story. Hopefully soon Ty will be a boob man!

dana said...
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Chris & AnnMarie said...

Oh, |'m so happy for you!!! I haven't checked your blog in the last week because Cydney came home and I've been so busy! I know you are feeling my pain...a toddler and a newborn!

Congrats on your drive thru baby...what a cutie he is!

Tiff-E said...

I always wondered about the pumping. I had soley pumped for months too. Just the word pumping makes me cringe, lol. I was actually able to breastfeed Makenzie for about a month using a nipple shield but fighting with oxygen tubing didn't make it a pleasant experience. Good luck with Ty! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

i anon. stalk your blog via "crystal and courtney" "army twins"...SERIOUSLY...you need to write a book. the last blog was the best, I tip my bra to you and your mama for making you write it!
Just curious...when pumping in the wee hours of the morning...does your pump ever sound like it's talking to you? repeating the same phrase over and over? if so, i'm dying to hear what it says. all of us former pumping gals have a different phrase, but we ALL have one. congrats on the DTB (drive through baby)

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Thanks guys! Oh, and I love anonymous stalkers... Makes me feel important! :) What my pump says varies from day to day and hour to hour... But I most often hear it singing "Everyday" by Dave Matthews. It never crossed my mind other people hear them talking too! That's hilarious!!!