Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exciting news!

I'm pregnant!

Ha ha, just kidding :)

The REAL exciting news is that Sir Pukes-a-lot (that would be Daxton) has decided that there are foods out there other than baby food and baby cereal that are very yummy, and that he can eat them without throwing up!!! Woo Hoo!!!

(In case you're not up to speed, Dax has a super-strong gag reflex and a tendency to turn his nose up at anything that is not an Oreo, cereal, baby food, a crayon, or a dog toy. Anything that he can feel at the back of his throat comes immediately back up. Daxton has always reserved the right to then pick it up and eat it again if he feels it is then soggy enough to eat. Gross but true.)

But then, for breakfast two days ago he ate some chocolate pudding with sprinkles!

And cream cheese frosting. With sprinkles.

And an Oreo straw.

And a graham cracker.

With peanut butter (yes, we'd already tested, and no, he's not allergic)

A club cracker.

Pringles straws.

Shredded cheese.

Easy Cheese (I know, brain food, right?)

Hmmm... What am I forgetting?

Oh yeah, chicken nuggets.

And a cupcake!

And jelly.

He did great, and he didn't gag. Not even once. (I did a few times.)

For supper last night he worked on some chicken fries and mac and cheese. No gagging. No puking.

For breakfast today? Soggy Special K with strawberry pieces and milk.

For lunch? Yogurt.

For supper tonight? The options are limitless :)


Jennifer said...

Yay for Dax!!!

Drayke's Mom said...

Little man continues to amaze every day. Dax is so awesome!

abby Schrader said...

This is great news! I wish Hallie decided that her diet should be as varied as Daxton's. Shredding salad (after requesting it and pasta, which remained untouched) does not, in my book, count. We think it's great that she's (finally) fond of Gerber's puffs because they belong to Lea, but at 25 calories for 75 puffs, that's not going to add much....

Anyway, I saw your comment on Emery's post, and would love to touch base with you about ABA and its potential benefits for Hallie. We don't do it right now and our dev. ped. did not recommend it (just Floortime, which we've been doing with good results for six months; OT, which we did for five months, are taking a break, and will restart in the spring; and pragmatic language therapy which Hallie desperately needs but there's a three to five month wait for an eval). I've wondered about ABA. Most of Hal's tantrums are incredibly mild and she has few of them (but did have one at school this week, for the first time since she began preschool in July). Is it useful beyond the food issues (where I can see the benefits of ABA) and do you have to do 30-40 hours a week, a la Lovaas? I have lots of questions....

Anyway, if you have the time (what mother of a 23 weeker and a newborn really has time on their hands?) and feel so inclined, drop me a note at abbyschrad at earthlink dot net (symbols, not words, obviously!). I'd love to know what a specialist has to say about all of this.. Thanks so much!

Our little Miracles said...

Wow that is awesome. Braden is a big time gagger too. Won't eat anything but Stage 2 baby foods. But thanks for the listing of what Dax will eat. Maybe I can try some of those and get Braden over his gagging issues.