Tuesday, October 13, 2009

National Neuter Your Husband Day

So, we have have gone the longest time EVER in our household with NO doctor's appointments! Ty hasn't been since the hematologist, and Dax hasn't been since... er... uhh... the pulmonologist? That was over a month ago. Wow.

I wonder if they throw parties at United Health Insurance when they go that long without hearing from us? I'm not sure who'll be happier when the hubby's vasectomy is complete, us or the insurance company. Which reminds me...

October the 29th will officially become "Neuter Your Husband Day." Please join us in our celebrations!

Other than declaring a national holiday, it's been pretty boring around here. Ty is well on his way to being the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig Jr., and Dax is amazing us everyday with how smart he is... And of course I wasn't here today when it happened, but the nurse said he let go and stood on his own for a few seconds today until he realized it and plopped on his cute little butt. He's getting closer and closer...

And that's all the news for now! Will try to post some super-cute new pics tonight if I get the time and motivation... But don't count on it!

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