Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Balls of Fire! (ok, bad joke)

Hi everyone! So my little bro begins to harass me if I haven't posted in a few days... I have no exciting news except that we celebrated National Neuter Your Husband Day last week... And then drove 6 hours to my home town to celebrate "Christmas." (Many thanks to my mom for putting it all together for us so we could celebrate before RSV/cold/flu season gets too far underway. We have a pretty big family with lots of kids, and having a big family Christmas in December isn't a viable option yet. We're blessed with thoughtful, understanding, and flexible family!)

Shep did really well throughout the weekend, but started having some complications today. We did find out the answer to an age-old question today, just in case anyone was wondering. According to the urologist, yes, size does matter, but twice as big as normal isn't twice as good. (Is that sharing too much?) :P

BTW- He's now going to rest the rest of the week, try a new antibiotic, and he's going to be fine. He now feels that he has some understanding of what I have been through.

And I can almost nod my head without laughing at him. Almost!

(God help him, I love him so much!)

At any rate, my other two boys were CUTE CUTE CUTE in their Halloween/Christmas costumes and I will share as soon as I am energetic enough to upload. They're both doing great... Ty just turned 3 months and is right at 15 lbs, while Big Brother Dax is 19 months now and edging up on 22 lbs.

Life is good :)

Gotta go now, there's a tiny belly in need of filling (isn't there always), but wanted to ask you guys to say some prayers over the next few days for Little Liam. He and his mother have traveled now to go get the therapy I told you about a month or so ago. Please pray specifically for the HBOT to help Liam overcome the many difficulties associated with his cerebral palsy. His mom's blog is if you want to stop by and give them some support!

Thanks all!

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