Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Murphy's law

This morning I woke up and made my bed.

I never, EVER make the bed.

I decided to turn over a new leaf.

Today will be an awesome day.

I go downstairs to get the mail and see a letter from my certification board. Apparently I missed re-upping my certification last December. What?! I know I sent that in. Then again, we were pretty busy with a boy coming home from the NICU last December. Maybe I forgot.

If I send in a form and double the normal funds then all will be well again. That's okay.

I get dressed then feed the Demon when he wakes up. We're trying a new formula that's supposed to help with digestion and decrease spitting up. He puked all over my shirt.

Spit happens.

The nurse comes in to start the day and needs to leave a little early on Thursday. I have a hard-to-schedule client that afternoon, but they did say Thursday or Friday will work. Mental note to reschedule while driving in to work. I'll pencil in some clients and work late today so I can be home early tomorrow.

Open up the computer to print a couple of quick things and then I'll be on my way. The printer isn't working. Out of paper, then out of black ink, then not reading the new cartridge, then out of magenta... And this is all before it prints a single sheet. Get that fixed, print my forms, grab my laptop, then hit the road.

Called and rescheduled my client. Stopped to get a much-needed Sonic coke. It's a little flat.

On into work.

Open my planner and realize I already have a training scheduled on Friday afternoon. Try to reschedule it. Still pending.

Open my laptop to do some work and the laptop is not working.

Leave this place to go to my next client. Need to stop by the vet real quick to pick up some medicines and talk about our next options for treating Lola's allergies. Ended up talking to the doctor and meeting a homeless three-legged kitten.

Spent way too much money at the vet, and will probably soon be the owner of a three-legged kitten. I'm such a sucker.

Get to next client late. Had a good visit. Gas light turns on in my car when I leave. Trying to do a million things and running late again. Call my husband to get him to tell me if the medicine we've been giving Lola at night is the generic for Claritin or Zyrtec. I need to pick up whichever med we don't already have.

Not entirely sure how that turned into an argument? Don't have time to figure it out. Buy gas and get to next client.

Had a good visit with this client, too. I leave and call the husband on my way to the grocery store. I know we are completely out of dog food and need a few odds and ends, is there anything else he can think of?

Not exactly sure how that one turned into an argument, either. Oh, wait, yes I do. Men say really stupid things sometimes. This was one of those times.

Get to the grocery store and run through, forgetting several key things I needed. Like the Claritin.

Get home and unloaded. Went to fix myself a sandwich and realized I forgot sandwich meat. Crap.

At bathtime Daxton manages to kick Mommy's make-up on the floor. Spills down the cabinet and all over the rug. And make-up stains are always so easy to get out.

Went to put Daxton's sheet in his crib from where he pulled open his g-tube med port and spilled formula all over his bed last night. Realized the "waterproof" mattress pad on his bed is not 100% waterproof, and mold has grown between it and the mattress from the last big g-tube oil-spill. How gross. I throw it along with the formula-covered pillow and pillow case into the washer.

I go to get it out, and the zipper on the pillow has somehow caught on the pillowcase and twisted, and the pillow's covering has sprung a leak. There are thousands of fuzzy white pieces everywhere.

I pick them up, bag them up, and trash everything but the mattress cover.

I am now sitting in my bed and am about to pull the covers over my head and call it a day.

And what a day it was.

But before I drift off I'm making one solemn vow.

I'm never, EVER making my bed again!

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