Thursday, December 3, 2009

One year ago...

One year ago today we brought Daxton home after 232 long, long days in the NICU.

One year ago today, we left behind our safety net of nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists along with the rest of our NICU family, and drove our baby to his little green nursery with monkey murals and a staff of only two, not including the nurse we wouldn't meet until the next day.

One year ago today, our precious little 11-12lb little boy (depending on how much fluid he was retaining at the time) spent his first night in his crib, with Shep and I camped out on the floor on air mattresses with no remote possibility of sleep.

One year ago today, Dax's cry was so quiet you could barely hear it, so we responded to alarms, and instead of late-night feeds we had late-night g-tube malfunctions.

One year ago today, Daxton's O2 sats would drop immediately if he was off his oxygen. When he was upset he would stop breathing, sometimes passing out and requiring sternum rubs to wake up and breathe.

One year ago today Daxton still turned blue. Regularly. And with great fervor.

One year ago today Daxton was on Lasix and potassium and Digoxin and Viagra and Pulmicort and iron, not including his PRNs. we had to suction him at least twice a day so he could breathe.

One year ago today we weren't really sure what the next year would bring...

We could have never known it would be the best year of our lives!

Thank you all for the many, many prayers that have been said on Daxton's behalf, and for all the love and support you have surrounded us in. For all these things, and a thousand other things, we will be forever grateful!

And now is a great time for some photos...

Before we could leave he had to have his hearing test. He failed. Such an underachiever!

We couldn't find scissors, so Mommy bit off my hospital band :) She was ready to go!

I was so excited to go home! Can't you tell by the look of pure joy and anticipation?

I had more luggage than Mariah Carey, and about as big of an entourage!

Lola gave me lots of kisses when I got home! Either she really liked me or I still had peaches on my cheeks :)
After a long day I napped in Daddy's recliner. It was good to be home!

And as the grand finale, here's a video from today... Our little boy is growing up!

(And, yes, that's what my living room floor normally looks like. And, yes, that basketball goal/baby cereal can I have duct-taped to the wall is a little ghetto, but it works better than any kids' basketball goal I've found at the store. And yes, Daxton broke our blinds and we will not be replacing them until the kids are in college. And no, I wouldn't change a thing. Not one bit!)


Leanne said...

After a long night at work, I LOL at him sliding head first!!!! Love, love, love him. :)

melbhaber said...

What a delight to see such progress. He is truly amazing!

Kiley and Matthew said...

Wow! I admire your family's strength! Dax is amazing.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Oh my gosh! What a list! You all are truly amazing!

And your disclaimers at the end are hilarious :-)

Stacy said...

Would you just look at him! I bet it does a Momma's heart good to see the daredevil sliding face first.
P.S. Love the green stripe pants!

Tiff-E said...

Cute video! I'm happy Daxton is doing so well. Seeing "coming home from the NICU" pics brought back lots of memories... a nurse helping cart out the oxygen tank and such. After Kenzie's long stay in the NICU, she was less than 5lbs when she came home which is hard for me to imagine now! Daxton is doing so awesome! It's so neat to see how far he has come.

Christin said...

I love this post. I also love your whole family. You all are amazing!!! Give kisses to both of my babies.

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Thanks all. We are so lucky to have him in our lives! He's such a gift! And I don't think our family is any stronger than any other... No one knows how strong they are until they get put into situations where they have to be... And I know for a fact you're all very strong, also!

And, Cyndi, sad but true ;P
And Stacy, footed pjs from Target with bandages on the knees and shoulders, and the front has a monkey face and says "Chicks dig scars." I had to have them!
And Christie... We love you too! Can't wait to see you again!!

Chris & AnnMarie said...

How amazing and precious he is! Love your posts! They always make me smile! =)