Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a (not) fun day

So I got on the phone at 7:30 this morning and just started calling. Each person I talked to gave me more numbers and I called some more. I called the same numbers twice to talk to different people, hoping for a different result. I stopped making phone calls at 6 when no one would answer.

And what have I found out? A whole lot of not so great news.

I've found out it doesn't matter how sick Daxton is. He's disabled; there's no denying that... And they feel terrible about it. Poor kid. But we make too much money. Sucks for him.

Options? There are no good options.

Still freaking out.

So I'm working on an email to my senator and my representative. I'll put a template on here after I send off my initial mails, and if any of you have a second to spare and can copy and paste it and email it on it would be fantastic... We're working on getting our local Fox News interested and hopefully get some more community involvement. It's not just us this is affecting... I've been back and forth with several of my sick-baby-mama-friends today and most of us are at a complete loss... And there are thousands across the state in our same shoes, all because we're the working middle class.

This really stinks.


melbhaber said...

I just don't understand the rules of the game in our country. Here in NY we would be exactly in your boat, but they have this thing called (I think) a disability waiver. So, if a kid qualifies for SSI, their Medicaid is not connected to parental income. Our social worker recommended that we guard our SSI approval letter with our lives. I'm thankful for that, but it makes me so mad that the rules change from state to state. It's just not fair. If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Jamie said...

Also write your Supervisor if you have one. We were having problems with our social worker (we are a foster family) and our Supervisor finally got us heard. Just remember to keep on fighting.

Ryans Mama said...

Please post your letter. I will send it out and have my family send it also...in AZ we have been threatened with this also, then the rally's and letters start and it gets pushed back to another session. I feel for you. Good luck!

Kiley and Matthew said...

I have a Channel 4 application on my phone and I just read your story! Looks like you are making progress. Sadly, my husband and I have had the same thoughts this past year. Especially when we saw that Grey's medical bills from his hospital stay added up to over a million dollars and there was a 25 day lapse before TennCare kicked in. If it wasn't for Kim Farris' guidance I wouldn’t have known the importance of getting that paperwork complete. My social worker didn’t come to me offering this advice. Calling TennCare is like calling OZ. I never get an answer! One week I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to get my $70 breast pump rental covered and I never got an answer or coverage! Our healthcare system is so screwed up! I am so sorry your family has to battle this- you’ve been through enough!

Anonymous said...

I think the whole country is going mad. I think you should call all the television stations,let them come to your house, and let it go through the process. You will get results because the whole country will be behind you because of Daxton. Keep up your good work.