Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Oops!

Once upon a time, 21 years and 40 weeks ago, a man with a twinkle in his eye earned 9 months of the silent treatment from a woman with a squirmy surprise in her tummy... A blessing with feet so big the doctor had to cut them out. The woman decided after a while that the baby was pretty cute, so she might love him, and that the father had been her husband for almost 20 years, so she might as well love him again too, and they came together as a family and named the precious boy "Oops."

The kid was weird. He was a good kid, but he was different...
And by different I mean very, very awesome.

He's become an obnoxious, irritating, compassionate, and lovable little troublemaker, and I am so proud of him. I've begged him to start a blog of his own, for all of you who would love to hear modern day Huck Finn stories about 20-year-old boys trying to trap hogs and fall into creeks. They're very entertaining stories, I promise. He could call it something like "Looking for Beavers, Gaters, and Love in Lobutcha Swamp." I promise, you'd all read it :)

Happy Birthday Jon. Hope to see you soon, and I'll let you take me out for a margarita :)

Love you!

Oh, and just for a treat, here's a picture from one of the major milestones in Jonathan's life: His first trip to Hooters, and possibly the first time he ever got that close to a girl :)
Happy Happy Happy 21st Birthday Uncle Jon!
If anyone sees him this weekend, have him buy you a beer. I'm sure he owes you one! :)

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