Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's see how fast I can type...

Hi all,

I know I'm running behind on posting, but we've had an icky computer virus that rendered us internet-free for a few days... And right now I have a second or two as Dax has "I want everything Ty has-itis" and is sitting content in the exersaucer that he hasn't wanted to be in for over 6 months.

Sibling rivalry has its perks :)

So, quickly...

Ty is doing great. He's 5 and a half months old, can sit up forever once you plop him somewhere, and is trying so hard to crawl forward, even if all it leads to is inching backwards. He eats like a champ and is 18.5 lbs at last fat-check... He's wearing mostly 9 month clothes, and wears the same size diapers as his "big" brother. He oohs and aaahhhs and coos and... poos. Still no teeth but I'm pretty sure he's working on some.

Daxton is also doing really well. He's still only taking a few steps here and there, but cognitively he seems to be taking off. He's learning little games like catch and basketball, and he's able to generalize those skills to activities like putting the ball into Mommy's round coffee mug (that she is drinking from that has coffee in it.) Score! And despite an aversion to anything "weird" from his bowl with his spoon, with "weird" meaning anything other than baby cereal mixed with purees, he will now taste almost anything from a grown-up utensil off a grown-up plate.

Dax has learned to view Ty as a necessary evil that makes a handy piece of furniture. Dax sits on him and crawls over him, then steals his toys and hides them under the ottoman. Ty has developed what we refer to as "little-brother-itis," where he flinches and blinks repeatedly anytime Dax is within arms' reach. On the other hand, Dax does love to give Ty kisses at bedtime. I guess that's just the way brothers operate. I know I still flinch whenever I'm near my brothers, and if you know how annoying my brothers are then you understand!

And we had a vision therapist come out to see us on Friday to evaluate Dax. She was impressed with his "functional vision," which is his ability to manipulate and explore his environment using his visual skills and other senses. She's going to come see Dax once a month, although I think since Dax is doing so well we might better benefit from having her work with his dad on functional vision tasks such as finding the milk, the remote, and his socks. :)

Guess that's mostly it for now, and I have a chubbo-tubbo in need of a nap. Please keep praying for Dax and all these other kiddos who are about to lose their insurance... It's a bad, bad mess we have going on in TN!

Love you all!

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