Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh my, it's a blog post!

Yes, I know. I'm a bad blogger, a bad mother, a bad American. I have been pulled so many different directions lately playing catch-up, putting out fires, and wiping butts, that I have neglected that which is really important in life... Blogging. And I miss it, I really do. I miss sitting at my computer and enjoying it and not just working on paperwork until my eyes bleed. I miss sharing my boys and their idiosyncrasies and my fabulous, fool-proof, easy-peasy parenting tips that make other parents' strategies pale in comparison (ha!) I miss reading the blogs of others and catching up on how their amazing little kiddos are doing. I miss... Sitting. And thinking. And finishing.... anything. Oh well, those days will come again I suppose.

My last update was in December I think, so even though it seems like Dax should have his license and Ty should have facial hair, we actually haven't had that many changes. Dax had his adenoids out at the end of December and that was followed two days later with a super-fun adventure at my mom's in Po-dunk, MS, that involved a little blue boy and some very nice, understanding paramedics. He had a few apnea spells for about a week after that, and then everything leveled back out again. The good thing about having his adenoids out? Other than that first week after, we haven't had any airway issues. The bad thing(s) about having his adenoids out? A.) Adenoid breath smells worse than bulldog farts, and B.) when they stop snoring, you can't hear them breathing at night and that makes for one super-jumpy, sleep-deprived mama.

Other than that, Daximus is just plugging along. He had an assessment with the school system on Monday. They were appropriately enamored with him, and he seemed to do okay (but not great) on the tests. He did, however, show them how outrageously long his attention span is, and that he knows his letter sounds, and how smart he is by demonstrating tricks such as, when presented with a red block and asked "what color?" ("red" is very hard for him to say,) he put down the red block, picked up a green one ("green" is much easier for him to say,) and said "geen."

(McGuyver pulled a similar trick with his early interventionist a few weeks ago... She had 10 letters out and asked him to give her "W." He did. A few tries later she asked for the "M." He picked up the W, turned it upside down, placed it back in its spot, then picked it up and gave it to her. You can't argue with that. ;P)

I absolutely, positively cannot believe he will be three in a little over a month. Not possible.

So my not-so-little boy Tyler runs everywhere he goes and gives the best kisses and hugs in the world, and loves Elmo, cookies, cars, and his wiener. Aaaaaaand, he's not talking yet. Not even a little. We had him evaluated last week for early intervention and, ding ding ding, he has enough of a language delay that they're concerned. I waffle back and forth on whether I'm worried or not. On one hand, he's not even two yet and he's so far ahead physically... He's already walking down the stairs holding the rail and running everywhere he goes and his balance may possibly be better than mine. He has no signs of sensory issues other than a strange fascination with firmly pushing items against his chin (so weird) and using his fingers to feverishly blend all his food items into smithereens before he eats it, and those are more quirky than interfering. On the other hand, he's supposed to be my "normal" kid, and dammit, I just want him to start acting like it. I mean, he's got totally normal people to learn from, right? Right?!? Anybody?


And that's really all that we've had going on. Other than, you know, everything else.

So this brings me to an idea I had yesterday, and if I can figure out how to do it tonight I will. If not, then maybe sometime soon. Or not. But it hit me Monday when the assessor reminded me again of how "scattered" Dax's skills are... And then again when our early intervention coordinator told me how "scattered" Ty's skills are. And then again when I remember how my mom always said how "scattered" I was... And again when I realize just how "scattered" my life is now...

I mean, really, I always heard it was a balancing act... But it's not. There is no "balance" during this stretch... It's a scattering of as much as you can toss in as many directions as you can toss it, and a sincere hope that enough gets into all the corners of your life that need it. A hope you scatter enough water to put out the fires, and enough attention to nourish the areas that need love and growth.

I'm scattered.

And that, my friends, will be my new blog name. What do you think?


Melissa said...

I love reading about your wonder boys. And by the way, I know you know, but "normal" is actually a wide, wide range. Lucy was a super early talker. By Daphne's age she spoke with complete, grammatically correct sentences. But in her two's classrom, there were many, many kids who didn't talk. And lots of kids somewhere in between.

SpeasHill said...

Scattered - definitely! I'm with you! Also with you on the adenoid breath/bulldog fart analogy. Hang in there with Ty. All three of us normal Speas kids had language problems...and look how I turned out....totally normal, right? ;) I'm glad he's getting the help that he needs - big props to you for getting him into EI so quickly!