Monday, February 28, 2011

Adventures in potty training... Take 11

In a moment of hopeless optimism, today I purchased some big boy potty seats to fit on the big people potties. You got it folks, we're going to try potty training again. You may remember our last attempt was not super successful, and honestly we haven't even really tried since then. But that changes... tomorrow.

As for tonight... Tonight I put the big boy potty seat on the big people potty and decided to give it a whirl.

I called Ty over and pulled his pants down, and stuck my hand in poop leaking out of his diaper. I wash my hand, clean his butt, deal with the poopy diaper, and help him on the potty. We sing the potty song for a few minutes and then I let him down. He peed on my foot almost immediately. I threw him placed him back on the potty and he finished pee-peeing in the big boy potty! Woo hoo! Success! And then I sent him running on his merry little naked way.

After that, I was feeling cocky, so I stripped down big brother and put him on the big boy potty and commenced with the potty song singing once again. I was unable to finish the song as he and I had an ongoing argument regarding whether his boy bits should point down into the potty or lie on the seat. (This is a problem only for my child on Viagra.) Eventually I got tired of playing whack-a-mole and sent him on his merry little naked way, too.

So, there's still some work to do. But maybe March will be our lucky month.


SpeasHill said...

Oh, Mollie...the visual images you paint...make me happy.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Oh my! As a mommy of girls only I am free to find this absolutely hilarious! (It helps knowing this particular argument is not in my future!) Hehehe.

Our little Miracles said...

You crack me up. Glad you are brave enough to make the effort. I need to give it a whirl with Braden too. Just haven't had the time to focus on one more thing lately. You know what I mean.

ski said...

Cheerios, bog boy potty seats, M&M's and super hero undies....Oh and the patience od Mother Teresa!

Mom sent me something a while back (couldnt find it sorry) but a mom had made a matchbox car potty chart! Wish I hadda thought of that!

Good luck!