Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not a Father's Day post, but Happy Father's Day anyway

So, a friend called me on Friday trying to gain some insight into what to do to help her nephew and his wife upon hearing they'd just found out their yet-to-be-born baby had passed away. She asked me about Aubrie and cremation and such, and I ended up taking some pictures of Aubrie's urn to send to her.

Aubrie's urn has always been in Dax's room. Knowing they're still "together" gives me peace, and I've always felt that she would want to be with her brother(s), too. (I will interject here that she's on a very, very, very high shelf, as any of you who know the boys and their fascination with throwing things down the stairs would understand. And, as a sister, I know with 100% certainty brothers especially like to throw sisters down stairs!)

At any rate, all that being said, I took her urn outside for pics so the engraving would show up better, and when I brought her back in I put her down in the kitchen. She's always stuck on the shelf in the boys' room, and, as irrational as I know it is, I thought maybe she'd enjoy a little more action... So I talked to her for a minute and I left her in the kitchen.

Fast forward a few hours, and Shep is fixing some food and turns to me with this strange look on his face.

"Umm, why is Aubrie in the kitchen?"

"I got her out for a photo shoot and I thought she might have been bored, so I left her down here so she could have a little more excitement."

"Oh, okay. That makes sense."

And it did.



Jennifer said...

Love it. I sometimes wish we had chosen cremation...

SpeasHill said...

Yes. Yes it does.