Monday, February 16, 2009

BPD Clinic

Hello everyone,
I'd like to start this post by apologizing to our friends who gave us a new camera for Christmas (because they were tired of "our crappy 2 megapixel pictures." What's a megapixel?) We STILL have not downloaded the software so we have tons of cute pics, but they're all still stuck on a memory card at this moment. We love the camera! And can't wait to share the pics one day!

Just wanted to leave a quick note about our appt today. We saw the pulmonologist today, but not our routine pulmo. The department head was on today instead of our normal guy and he seemed very happy with Dax's ongoing progress. They did make one change at our request today, and that change means NO MORE 10 MINUTE BREATHING TREATMENTS x2 PER DAY! Yay! As our little man has gotten stronger, and sneakier, breathing treatments have become more of an obstacle course... But now he'll be getting the equivalent of an asthma inhaler x2 per day... 2 puffs in the morning, 2 puffs at night... And hopefully our lives are about to get much, much easier!

Other than that, they want us to continue pushing Dax's oxygen flow down as we can... Can't be letting him get lazy!

And while we were out I think I managed to put a kibosh on my whole doctor problem from last week. :) And I didn't even have to be ugly about it...

And finally, I was lying on the mat with Dax a minute ago working on some of his exercises with him, and I had to stop myself and laugh. What is it that makes us feel so free to say whatever it is we want to to babies, and where do these ideas come from? I was talking to him in my sing-songy baby voice, telling him how if his alarm kept beeping I was going to bite his legs off and throw them in the fire... And I'm going to nibble off his ears and feed them to the dogs... And then I'm going to bite off his toes... And I've heard other people say similar things to their babies and I never thought anything about it... Where do these things come from??? And if you've never said such things to a baby, please don't report me to DCS!

K, love y'all! Dax has scooted backwards halfway across the living room... Time to give him some more attention... Or bite his knees off...


shamimar said...

Great news on the Dr. visit and don't worry about the tendency to say whatever to Dax. I read an entire Stephen King novel to Alyssa while I was on maternity leave (in that same sing song voice) and she seems to be okay;but at 17 she may just not be manifesting all the issues yet.

Jennifer said...

It's so nice to meet you and see your sweet little guy! He's adorable. I'm looking forward to following you guys and getting to know you better! Jen