Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our son, the comedian

So our son thinks he's funny. My husband, and our nurse, also think he's funny. I do not. He is not funny at all. I threaten to sell him on EBAY... My threats do not work... He STILL will not let me see him roll over. Eeeeeverybody else has seen him roll over. Sure, roll over for Daddy, roll over for nurse... But me, noooooo. On Tuesday I stared at him for 15 minutes and nothing happened... Within THREE SECONDS of me turning away, I hear a "plop" and look back and he'd rolled. Last night, I put him in his bed and went to go get his meds... By the time I came back less than a minute later, you guessed it. Rolled over 2 more times in his bed last night, never for me. I'm selling him on EBAY!!! And I mean it this time!

We went for his flu shot on Monday and he was a champ. He turned red but never even shed a tear. Such a big boy.

Other than that, it's been a pretty uneventful week for him. Shep and I took the day today and went shopping for clothes for pictures, and we came home to try Dax's new outfit on him. When I say he was the most adorable creature I have EVER seen. Can't wait to have pics made!

As for me, I had my high-risk OB appointment today and everything looks fantastic. The OB that saw me today is also a geneticist and we ended up spending more time talking about Daxton than the new baby. She's going to snoop around in his records now too to see if she can come up with any ideas or suggestions... Daxton is fast becoming an international man of mystery :P

Something exciting that came out of today is that I will now be seeing the high-risk OB exclusively for my OB needs. I like my regular OB, but with weekly high-risk appts, and with Daxton's never-ending abundance of appointments, it's much more convenient for me to just see one OB instead of two. I'm so thankful that they agreed to take me on. This means I will definitely deliver at Centennial... That's a relief for me, since we already know everyone there and between my last two deliveries and my bedrest everyone there has already seen me naked!

And finally... Today is Thursday... We're supposed to find out TOMORROW if the seller's bank will accept our offer on the house. Say a little extra prayer, and we'll let you know when we do!

A quick update on Baby Payton... She had her trach placed this week, yay!, and also had a retinal reattachment done while she was under. From last report, Payton is doing pretty well but is continuing to have a few scary moments as her body adjusts... Please pray for healing and strength! She's such a fighter!

And to close, I'm throwing in a vid of Dax in his new jumper... He hasn't quite figured out how to make himself bounce yet, but he's trying...

Love you all!

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Holly said...

Lol that's too funny that everybody else has seem him roll over but he always manages to do it when you're not looking! :P