Monday, July 12, 2010

A ghost story

Some of you may know that my mom and dad had a 100-year-old, abandoned house cut apart and moved to their property a dozen or so years ago, and then my mom spent several years tearing down walls and rebuilding them until she ended up with just what she wanted. After they moved in, mom started telling me about some strange occurrences, and they end up naming their "ghost" Lucy.

I thought, yeah right.

Well, after I spent one night there I became thoroughly convinced, and although I found it extremely frightening at first, over time Lucy became part of the family.

(Yes, you can call us crazy now. No, you don't have to believe me. Yes, this is really a true story.)

So, then one day I went to visit and I didn't hear anything out of Lucy my entire trip. It made me sad :(

And then I came back a few more times and didn't hear her those times, either.

And then a year or so passes and... nothing.

Mom reported she hadn't heard anything out of her, either.

We thought maybe she had finally been able to go home...

But then, when the boys and I were at Mom's and Dad's for our last visit, I'm pretty sure she was back :)

I was trying to get the boys settled for bed, and Dax was lying down and Ty was in my arms screaming bloody murder, when I watched the door to our bedroom open all the way up, then slam shut...

And then, nothing.
Which could, of course, mean 1 of 2 things...

1. Lucy felt like I had enough to keep me busy without her help...


2. She was more scared of Ty than we were of her :)

It could go either way ;)

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