Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dax appointment update

Hi all,

I think a cute little boy and I are about to go curl up and take a nap, but I wanted to give a quick update from today's appointments first... He had endocrinology first thing this morning... Or our appointment was first thing, even if we didn't see anyone until we waited an hour and a half, and babies are sooo good at waiting... when we finally saw someone, however, it went well, and they're happy with his progress and have no concerns right now. They needed some bloodwork drawn, but since we were already 30 minutes late for our next appointment down one floor, we put off the bloodwork and went and waited there to see pulmonology... Eventually got another good report there, too, and they DCed Dax's lasix and potassium, whoo hoo!!! He's now only on viagra and a twice daily breathing treatment, and that's all!!! How exciting!

We went back up for our bloodwork after that, and that was very frustrating for us. Seems like more often than not we end up with people who are training to do bloodwork, and I'm okay with that, but the new folks tend to be especially nervous with babies... And even though we emphasize NOT to hold Dax down or restrain him at all until right before the stick because he'll throw a fit long before the needle gets anywhere near his arm, the less-experienced folks tend to not listen to us and it never turns out well. Today was our worst experience so far, and I think we were all a little upset by the time we got out of there. Many sticks later. I think we'll all need some time to recuperate from that one...

At any rate, nap time :) I'm still pregnant, and plan on staying that way a few more days... 37 weeks and 1 day today!!! Hello, full term baby!!!!!

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