Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still no baby :)

Tomorrow makes 38 weeks, and Tyler's still tucked away :) My last ultrasound on Thursday he was wearing my cervix like a skullcap, and I wake up every morning feeling like I spent the previous day horseback riding, but there are no signs of him making any immediate arrivals...

I'm reminded of the road trips we took when I was a kid, and we'd ask mom "Are we there yet?" and her reply was always "We're closer than we were."

(Just in case you were wondering where my annoying sense of humor came from...)

At any rate, we'll keep you posted as things progress...

On a different note, tomorrow is Dax's 1 year corrected birthday, of course meaning that he officially counts as a 1-year-old now... You may remember that Baby Boot Camp Part Deux was directed towards the goal of him taking independent steps by tomorrow... And we have officially not met that goal. I will give him extra credit points for climbing the stairs every day at least once, and he is able to take some steps behind his little walker, even if I'd have to call them sloppy at best. He better be glad he's so stinking cute ;P

And at this very moment he's standing at a new toy, dancing, and has his bottom lip poked out so far it might get stuck in his diaper... Better go... Love you all!

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