Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sooo, I ended up calling my "plumber" (also known as my perinatologist) on Friday morning, more to alleviate my fears than anything else before we got into the weekend and I couldn't just drop by his office to get checked out if I kept feeling funny. He sent me in to the OB assessment center to get checked out, and luckily everything is fine, but they were concerned with how "impressive" the part-of-my-legs-formerly-known-as-my-ankles were, and I have officially been ordered off my feet/butt as much as possible until Ty makes his entrance/exit, depending on which end of this you're on.

I have to admit, this version of "bedrest" is extremely nice compared to my last "Bedrest" so I'm going to take full advantage! Of course, I'm not feeling just fantastic, so a prescription for lying around is pretty darn nice.

We will be 36 weeks along on Monday, btw :) One more week until he's officially full-term, and only 4 more weeks until the due date. I (yay!) got his homecoming outfit this week, and it's a size 0-3!!! Shooting for a 9-lb baby this time!

My mom and dad came up last weekend to help out and practice keeping Dax, giving his meds, etc... so we'll have him covered while we're in the hospital popping out his little bro. They also cooked a lot :) There ain't nothin like home-cooked soul food, fresh veggies, and real sweet tea... I wish things like that happened in my kitchen all the time! (I have, in fact, DUSTED, my stovetop before. Like with Pledge. My microwave never has such issues!)

Friday morning Dax had his 15-month well-check with his pediatrician, and she continues to be pleased with his progress. She's especially happy with his growth, as Dax is, woo-hoo, now at the 10th percentile for both length and weight for corrected age! She is a little concerned that his soft spot is still a little large, even for his corrected age, and says we might end up doing an MRI in a few months after all if it doesn't close up more. His developmental progress is fantastic, so she's not too concerned, but we're keeping an eye on it. The second concern was his teeth (you remember they're coming in very discolored), and even though she usually waits until they are two, she is recommending we go ahead and see a pediatric dentist to evaluate Dax's "grill" and see what, if anything, can or should be done at this point in time to make sure his teeth are as healthy as possible.

So Tuesday we're off to see the dentist... That's going to be FUN :) Hopefully he'll have some good input! We also have cardiology next week. Will update you once we have some news...

Dax is continuing to make good, steady gains with his physical therapy and speech goals. He's now able to squat and stand back up and is getting better and better at cruising. He's also discovered how to bounce, and does so on everything! His only word remains cookie, although his home health nurse Beth and I both heard him yell "NINJA!" at the nurse who gave him his shot on Friday at the doctor's office. I wouldn't be the least surprised if that was his next word, and then maybe something like "artichoke" after that, since obviously his personal speech goals include saying everything but "mama" or "dada."

On the oxygen front, we have now been able to unplug Dax for up to 30 mins and he is able to keep his sats up! He's well on his way to being tube free!!!

As for the new house, Shep officially finished moving all our things out of our old house today, and I have an amazing friend who's going to clean it for us next week. We're officially almost out of the moving business and completely in to the unpacking business. We might have everything done by the time the boys are in school... Maybe!

So I guess that's it? I'll keep you all posted on everything as it develops....

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Chris & AnnMarie said...

I'm so glad you're 36 weeks! Whoohoo! Can you even believe it? So different than last time, huh? I'm almost 34 weeks and it's so surreal.

Can't wait to hear details about the big day! And, so glad Dax is doing well! He's a cutie! Glad someone else is going to have their 'hands full' like me!