Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Bella

I know I'm due for an update on my two big boys, but they're doing great and plugging along marvelously! It's busy, busy, busy at my house with two little walking (or, rather, falling) boys, but I wouldn't trade not one split second of it!

Tonight I'm going to pass along yet another prayer request for a very special, amazing little girl. Bella is a three-month-old 22-weeker and she extubated today! Please, please, please send up lots of prayers that she kicks her vent habit for good and can keep on making progress towards getting bigger, getting stronger, and getting out of the hospital and home where she belongs!

Click here to visit their blog and follow their amazing story!


StacyBond said...

I'm totally a blog-stalker but I saw this family on your blog list and have been following them since. We definitely added them to our prayer list!

Leanne said...

how on earth do you know about Bella and why am i not surprised :)

Telisha said...

Thank you Molly, without knowing it you have been a huge inspiration and support along the way. I can't wait to sit down one day and have a real conversation :) Thanks again!