Sunday, August 22, 2010

A tale of two ERs

Well, on July 17th Daxton had his first ER visit. We all know what a craptastic experience that was.

On August 17th Daxton had his second ER visit.

This time, I'm "proud" to say, was over a 100% normal, typical, routine two-year-old-boy incident.

Dax fell and hit his eyebrow ridge on the side of the tub. I was worried about him hitting his head more so than the gash, but wanted to get the gash checked out, too.

Two months ago I would have taken him to the Vandy ER just to be sure... Just in case it was serious... Just to make myself feel better.

But not now. Not after last time.

I'm terrified now of taking my child, who, I can guarantee,will have stitches and broken bones his entire life due to his balance issues, back to Vanderbilt ER. Heaven forbid we get the same resident who we had before, or one just like her, or if his chart reads somewhere they suspected us of child abuse because my son with cardiac, pulmonary, and neurological issues tried to die.

Ugh, it makes me shudder.

So, we went to the local hospital ER instead. And you know what?

They were awesome.

We had a real-life doctor, one who has ER experience. One who has seen enough patients to know the difference. They treated us like normal people, they ooohhhed and aaahhhhed over how amazing Dax is, and they fixed him right up after only a short wait.

Come to find out, the doctor was not as concerned about the head hit, but more concerned with the gash. We ended up having it glued. Dax was such a trooper!

So, thank you Sumner Regional. We had a wonderful experience with you, and look forward to seeing you hope we don't have to see you anytime soon. But, next time we need an ER, we're heading your direction.


AWilder8509 said...

AAwww poor Dax...Looks like he handled it pretty well though!...Only 2 ER visits isnt that bad for being 2...Ayden is only 1 and we have taken him in 5 times (2 of which he was admitted & another 2 were for g-tube coming out) like you have been very lucky in that regard!...

Crystal said...

Aww!!! Sweet Dax!! Poor thing!!! Glad this ER visit was better and have to say I am right there with you in the ER situation!! I think we frequent our ER about every 6 months or so!! Started about 2 weeks before Hayden's 2nd birthday when he broke his leg! With boys there will always be a need for an ER!!! Good luck Mollie!!!

Only the Sheppards said...

Thanks guys! We have been super lucky, and hopefully we can stay out of the ER for another 6 months :) I swear, the kid is like a drunk bull in a china shop!