Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy day tomorrow...

Hi all,

Hope you're all doing well. We're well here... Got a busy day tomorrow; first Dax goes to cardiology, then I have my OB appt. Afterwards we're going to stop by and see some old friends at Centennial, then go do a little more visiting before we head home. We're planning for a long, busy, fun day!

I'm doing well. Found out I have a UTI and they're treating me for it. The antibiotic I am on is going to make me crazy for a few days... It's 4x per day, on an EMPTY stomach, with at least 2 hours since the last meal and an hour afterwards before I can eat... In case you forgot, I'm PREGNANT, and I'm having a difficult time doing my meal/antibiotic schedule. Oh well, 1 day down, 6 to go!

At any rate, as you all know it's now March, and March 23rd was the day our baby girl was born. She was born at 21 weeks, and on March 23 I will officially be 20 weeks pregnant with Tyler. It's been an emotional month for both Shep and I and we're entering a scary time now as we get closer to Aubrie's 1st birthday and fear for this pregnancy as we mourn for our daughter. That being said, it never fails that a song comes on the radio when you're feeling low, and can make you cry for hours because it hits so close to home... So of course I wanted to share. Alan Jackson apparently wrote this song for a young mother's funeral, but I think it describes a hurt for a whole lot of us out there... Here's the link:

So, love you all, and I'm going to break out the tissue and listen one more time... Will update again after our appointments!

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Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

I need a tissue too... I didn't know the "dates" of everything, but, I knew they were all approaching. I can only imagine the emotions that are running through your mind and heart. I will pray for peace for you....

Good luck at the appts today and have lots of fun visiting!

Love ya girl!