Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three forgotten things

Three quick things I forgot yesterday...

1.) Baby food guava is AWESOME. I've eaten more of it than Dax. Yum.

2.) More importantly, that stupid %$#$% house is still hanging around, and it looks like we have another chance at it. The sellers contacted a different negotiator at their bank and went through a different set of channels, and lo and behold they think they may have worked things out. We'll still get the house at the price we want, and they'll still avoid a foreclosure... We should know something for sure by last Friday. *sigh* God grant me patience!

3.) ... I forgot the third one. Oh well. Love you guys!


Our little Miracles said...

Braden loves Guava too. :-) Hope the house thing works out soon and you can get moving.

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Just bounced over from your comment today. Thanks for letting me know you've been reading and that you're local.

PS -- One of my top girls names right now is Aubrey. =)