Saturday, March 14, 2009


Morning everyone,

Yesterday was an awesome day! We had Dax's cardiology appointment first, and his echo looked great. The doc made no changes, and we'll see her one more time before Dax gets his cardiac cath done at the end of April. We left there for my OB appointment where I also got a good report. Cervix looks good, baby looks good. No problems, other than my iron is a little low, so the doc recommended I eat more red meat... Since Tyler looooved red meat that shouldn't be a problem! While we were there, the OB, who is also a geneticist, got to see Dax for the first time and she seemed pretty surprised at how well he looks. I knew that she would be :)

We left the OB to go by and see some of our old friends at Centennial, and we got to see lots of people who are really special to us. We'll always remain so thankful to everyone there for everything they've done for us!

So after that, we drove south a bit to Aunt Nat's house in Franklin (thanks again Aunt Nat, we love you!), where we visited a while before Dax's current PT (Yum-Yum) and his former OT (Brown Mama) both showed up to work with him and talk about techniques they both use for helping kiddos develop and grow strong. Dax really showed off during his therapy time... I had forgotten how much he enjoys an audience.

I should add here that until yesterday, I had still only seen Dax roll over twice... And within a few minutes of getting to Nat's house he rolled, and then again during therapy. Just showing off for his entourage I suppose!

At any rate, Dax did great and I'm so proud of him! What a long, busy day for him!

(And then I got to go out with a long lost girlfriend last night for a grown-up night... It was so much fun!)

So that's our news... I'm waiting for my honey to get back home with some greasy breakfast for us, then I'll try to get some work done... Ma Mills is coming to town today to love on the grandbaby for a while...

I'm adding in some pics of a sweet-pea covered Dax in his high chair... He's trying so hard to feed himself with a spoon, and will actually try to feed his helper once he's full. He's also discovered that he loves pickles... Great for teething, and easy to grip!

Love y'all!


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

Yeah! Glad everyone is doing good things!!!!

Catherine said...

what a GREAT day!! WooHoo!
I don't know about the sweet peas!??
Oscar has a picture like that with pistachio pudding!

4 on the go said...

Love the pictures, he's adorable

Anonymous said...

So glad your appointment went well and your son is doing good. I love following blogs and always check your blog for updates. You are still in my prayers.