Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fat Baby Update

Hi all, just wanted to give you a fat baby update... Weighed and measured tonight, and Dax is now 16 lbs, 3.5oz, and 26 inches long! What a big boy! We put him in his high chair to eat some whipped cream and baby cereal today (already blowing his "fabulous abs" diet, as you can see...) I'll include pics below...
Did I mention he turned 11 months old yesterday? Can't believe his birthday is coming up so soon!

As for me, I'm feeling a little better, but am still having shooting abdominal pains. I'm beginning to think it may be gall bladder? If I'm not cured by in the morning I'm supposed to call my MD so maybe we'll be fixed or at least know something by the weekend!

Oh, and as for the house... This house I'm beginning to despise, no matter how bad we want it... We were told we would know something by Wed... As in yesterday... But nothing yet. Our realtor talked to their realtor who is apparently also frustrated, as she keeps emailing and calling the bank's negotiator and is not getting any responses. She told our realtor she was going to file a formal complaint today to try to get the ball rolling... Not sure if that will work out well for us or not, but we just keep on waiting until we hear otherwise... If this goes on much longer the sellers might end up having to foreclose... We'd rather just buy the house and get it over with!

Oh well, here's the pics!

I can use my spoon!
Spoons get slippery after a while, though...

However you eat it, I think whipped cream is delicious!


Ryans Mama said...

I am so proud of him holding his spoon like a big boy! It is so wonderful to watch his improvements!

Our little Miracles said...

Love the new pics. Too cute. Glad you are starting to feel a little better.

The Snyder's said...

Gallbladder issues are a pain in the rectum!!! They say usually during pregnancy and/or afterwards the symptoms tend to get worst.. I had mine taken out in Jenuary.. I pray that yours gets better soon..

I am loving seeing Daxton with a spoon and doing so well.. I am so proud of his improvements.. May he continue to surpass all that the doctors expect of him..

God Bless YOU... Love yall Mollie and good luck of the house thingee..

Emily said...

Your little boy is so precious! I've recently found his blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading back through past entries. I have a 25wkr who spent 8mos in the NICU and is now 3yrs old, still struggling a lot with respiratory problems in addition to other issues.