Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cardiac cath

Soooo, tomorrow's our procedure... Got the deets from the cardiologist today and tomorrow will go as follows...

NPO from 5AM on

At Vandy by 6:30

Meet with all the folks involved

Sedation and intubation

Tubes in the ears 1st

Cardiac cath next to look at the effect the hole in Dax's heart has on his pulmonary hypertension. They will insert 2 lines into Dax's body hopefully at his groin, but possibly in his neck, and will thread them into his heart. They will use them to determine if the hole is having major or minor effects on the pulmonary hypertension, so they'll be able to determine if it's necessary to close the hole now or wait a couple of years. We hope to be able to wait... They'll also insert an esophogeal ultrasound down Dax's throat so they can get a really close look at his heart...

After that, the plan is to try to start weaning the sedation and hopefully get him extubated prior to moving him to a recovery room, where he will undergo an in-depth hearing evaluation (ABR) that can be completed while he is still sedated...

All in all, hopefully he'll be able to come back around after 3-4 hours, max, and then we can hang out and eat hospital food and he can flirt with nurses and add some members to his fan club. Hopefully it'll be like a vacation for him :)

He has to stay overight for observation, then we'll discharge Thurs morning and then we'll jet over to my appointment for my weekly date with my cervix checker... Then life as usual...

Or at least that's all the plan. Most of you know how my plans usually work out!

We'll update later this week. Please keep us in your prayers!

Love y'all!
And for your viewing pleasure... A picture from Dax's very first (and unsuccessful) fishing trip. :)


Our little Miracles said...

We are thinking and praying for Dax. I hope all goes well. Love the fishing pic. Too cute. :-)

Stephanie said...

Good luck!!!! Everything will go great! You and Dax will be in our prayers. Keep us posted.

Steph,Brian, and Kennedy

4 on the go said...

hope all goes well Dax

That picture is just to cute