Monday, April 13, 2009

Roadtrip and an echo

We're back to the real world again after a great trip to Mississippi this weekend. We ended up leaving Nashville late and didn't make it to Ma Mills' until close to 3AM, but the trip itself went very smoothly. We hooked up Daxton to his continuous feed and he slept like a... baby... and we put Lola's bed in the very back and she slept the whole ride, too. Very quiet, and very peaceful.

Day 1 in MS, we spent the whole day with Dax's cousins and I got to meet the littlest one for the first time. She's a little younger than Dax and they just laid and played for a long time, chewing and drooling together. He pulled her hair, she slapped him around a little, and they ended up having a bit of an inappropriate kiss at one point, but all in all it was very sweet to watch. Dax got to go on his first golf cart ride, visit with some family he had never met, and then went to his first T-ball game. We dressed him in his baseball uniform and cap in case they needed an extra player, but it seemed they had everyone they needed. Oh well.

Day 2 in MS, we slept as late as possible then got ready for his little birthday party... Which somehow morphed into 60 people, 100 hamburgers, 500 pictures, and lots and lots of goodies. Dax was a trooper as he was passed from sanitized person to sanitized person, and he completely demolished his cake. There were no mishaps other then his oxygen tubing getting shut in a door for... we're not sure how long... but he never turned blue or passed out so we won't count that as a mishap. The party was amazing and we had the best time showing Dax off, and finally getting to see some of the people who have been so wonderful to us since all this happened. We're so grateful for all of you!

So other than lots of goodies, know what else Dax got a lot more of while we were in MS? SPOILED. We took the weekend off baby boot camp and he was held by somebody most of the trip. Guess who's still expecting the royal treatment since we're home? Yeah. WaaaaaaaaaaaaaI don't want this toy I want that toy and you have to hold me while I play with it aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Rotten.

My friend Kayla was there to do photographs for the party and she was GREAT. If anyone needs pics done down that way, she's flexible and affordable, and maybe she'll sneak me some of the pics early since I gave her some free ad space :) Hint, hint, Kayla!

Meanwhile, Dax's other mother, Lola, found herself a new boyfriend about... 80 dog years her senior. Mom and Dad recently adopted the 15-year-old German shepherd of a couple that moved into the nursing home together after almost 75 years of marriage, and Smoky and Lola made great friends. It was very sweet to watch. He wouldn't swim with her or eat sticks (yes, EAT, not fetch) but other than that they were a match made in heaven :)

Day 3, Shep and I snoozed a while instead of getting up early like we'd planned, since there was a little baby in our room that seemed to think just because he had been passed around like a hot potato and eaten 10 lbs of frosting and cookies that he did not have to sleep well all night. Who does he think he is? We finally drug out of bed and loaded the car and hit the road for home. Another uneventful drive. Dax did great and never fussed the whole 6 hours we were on the road as long as there was a mommy beside him playing peek-a-boo or paddy-cake or feeding him or something of the like. I definitely can't complain!

We do have lots and lots of pics to post, and I promise to do that later once we get them all collected. Can't wait to show off!

And then today, back to the real world. Dax had a cardiology appointment this morning and everything looked fine. The echo showed no improvements, but also no worsening. The doctor increased his Lasix, Viagra, and Digoxin due to his increase in size, and we'll see her again after his cardiac cath on April 29. I'm a little nervous about that procedure and we're planning on being in the hospital overnight afterwards. Ugh, Will keep you posted!

And last of all.... Dum dum dum.... We heard from our realtor on Friday and looks like we're one step closer to getting our house... You remember, that house we've been trying to buy for months now, but the bank apparently would rather foreclose on the house than take our money? Well, we've apparently made it through the first of two required approvals and we should hear within the next two weeks if we get it. Now, if you've been following this story you understand that two weeks = two months and a bunch of headaches, but we'll see.

So y'all keep on praying for our little one as he gets bigger and stronger and prepares for his cath later this month. Pray for all our loved ones that they'll stay healthy and happy and know how special they are. Pray the house we're trying to buy might soon be ours if it's meant to be.

Please pray also for all the sick babies and grieving parents. This is meant to be a joyous time of the year for followers of Christ, but it's been a bittersweet one for us and many friends we have made in the past year, as many lost their babies around this time last year, or have recently lost their little ones and are still grieving, and there are so many sick children we've come to know and love that still struggle to live. Please keep us all in your prayers as we make it through the difficult times.

Thanks so much everyone. We love you all and are so glad we have you in our lives!

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Rhonda Fort said...

Sorry we didn't make it to MS to see you guys - I was really hopeful that we could get it worked out, but we had a baseball game and birthday party the same day as Dax's party. My mother filled me in on all the happenings - so I feel like I was there.
I love your blog - read it often. Y'all are always in our prayers!