Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick post

Hi all!
We're about to be headed on our first road trip (yay!) but I wanted to give a quick update... All is well here... We had a great week with Dax finally starting his speech therapy sessions, then he had a swallow study this morning... I'm a little frustrated that he's still aspirating on liquids when we have him drink from his sippy cup, but the recommendation is for him to move straight to a regular cup. We all know Daxton has never done things in the order he's supposed to, so we'll try out the regular cup and see...

I had my appointment afterwards and everything looks great! 22 weeks along, with a perfect 1lb, 2oz baby boy. Very weird to watch the black and white baby on screen, and know what he would look like in real life. Did you know babies that age have no butt cheeks or nipples, and they're covered in hair? At least mine were. Oh well, shooting for a much bigger baby, WITH nipples and butt cheeks, and a less hairy back. Keep on praying!

I must pack now... Hope you all are well, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. I promise to have lots of new pics next week!

Love you all,


Our little Miracles said...

Have a wonderful time. We are going on our first road trip in two weeks. I can hardly wait.

4 on the go said...

Hope you guys ahve a great time