Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pediatrician Appointment

Okay, so my OB appointment is not until tomorrow, but I had to get in a quick post today. We had Dax's 12-month well-baby check-up today and... What an awesome appointment! First of all, our ped is just thrilled and amazed at Dax's continuous improvements... He's far from being caught up with his actual age, but he is making progress in that direction. She pulled out Dax's growth chart and he continues to grow at a PERFECT rate, and... we finally made it onto the growth chart for his corrected age for weight and head circumference! His current weight, 17lbs, 15oz, puts him at the 5th percentile for a 9 month old, and his head circumference, 17.5", puts him at the same. We're still a little under for height (26.5"), but we're not sure far off. He's had really good growth these last few months since he's been home; a few more months like this and we'll be sitting much prettier.

More importantly than that, we discovered today that WE FINALLY HAVE A TOOTH!!!! After three months of drooling and chewing, finally some results!!! It's barely through, but as soon as he lets us get a pic we'll post it. This is quite possibly one of my proudest moments as a mommy!

And just one more thing... (It's been a really good day :) Guess who decided yesterday that rolling from his back to his belly is not so tough? And guess who did it for his daddy, and his nurse, and his speech therapist... and NOT HIS MOMMY??? Yes, that would be my son. Well, right after I ranted and raved today that he was going to make me wait two weeks to see him roll like he did when he first starting rolling belly to back, and used a few choice words about what a rotten, mean child he was, he rolled for me in the doctor's office. Awww. What a sweet boy. Who could ever say anything other than what an angel he is? ... Today?

And speaking of rolling, that completes the third goal we had for baby boot camp. Of course, his goal was to be rolling both ways by 4/4, and he was in fact 11 days late, but I suppose he's never done anything on my schedule and it would be ridiculous for me to think he would start now. He WILL, however, be taking steps by July 27 if it kills me... and it just might!

My mom says I am a mean mother. I say I learned from the best :P

Don't forget to be praying for Payton! MRI tomorrow... Will let you know once I hear.

Oh well, that's all for now. I'm going to make a big birthday post once I get pics, but that may be a while... In the meantime here is one of my recent favorites... How cute can a baby get???


Our little Miracles said...

Making the growth chart is awesome. Your right on length he'll get there. Braden did the same thing. He hit it in weight and head circ. but just made the chart on length this week. :-)

4 on the go said...

Congrats on all that Dax has done this week, especially the rolling.
I just love that picture, way to Handsome

Hope all goes well for the appointment tomorrow

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...


Drayke's Mom said...

OMG look at that big man!!

Jenn said...

Go Daxton!! I was so excited to get to see his roll over...he is a total rock star!!! :-)