Friday, April 17, 2009

Two things

1. OB appointment went well. All is fine. Tomorrow I will be 23.5 weeks pregnant... which is of course the gestational age that Dax was born. So, after tomorrow, any extra days are just gravy!!!

2. Payton's mom reports Payton did great with the MRI. She met with the cardiologist this afternoon and he says the cardiac situation is def not worst-case scenario. He says the heart has definitely shifted, but she'll know more about what that means for the long- and short-term, and any other findings there may have been, on Monday. Gotta love getting tests run on a Friday, and everyone gets to go home for the weekend while you sit and stew!

Thanks for all the continued prayers for us and for Miss Payton and her family... We love you all!

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Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

Yeah for 23.5 weeks! I know that getting past that gestational point is a big deal- and something only another preemie mommy can understand!

Glad you are doing well- you deserve it!