Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Update


First of all, thanks for all the prayers for Baby Drayke. He became an angel at 8:55 last night. I wish I had thought of it earlier, but hindsight is 20/20, right? Their blog site is http://www.draykecrom.blogspot.com/ if you'd like to leave the family some words of encouragement.

Drayke was several weeks younger than Dax, but their beds were very close for several months. When I think of him, I remember how we used to laugh and joke that Drayke and Dax would communicate via "poop" signals and their alarms, because it seemed when one of their alarms went off, the other's did also. It was always a competition between those two. We will never forget him.

As far as our other tiny friends, Kinsley's doing better. They're still in the hospital, but will hopefully be home in a day or so. She's a tough little bird!

And speaking of strong women, Little Payton is doing amazing! She's on the nasal cannula now and got her first drink of milk today. You know, it seems like soometimes these babies just need to hear "you can't do it" before they kick it into overdrive. What an amazing baby.

Thanks again for the ongoing prayers for them both!

So the Daxton update for today is that we went to the pediatrician today for our 9-month well baby checkup... And of course the pediatrician said he has made "amazing" progress. We should change his middle name to amazing... Wonder if that would give him a big head?

Pediatrician comments:
His weight gain is PERFECT.
His lungs are CLEAR. There are no snap, crackles, or pops. Unreal.
His visual tracking is much, much, much improved.
His hand and arm strength... Much improved.
He is no longer anemic and now off his iron... 1 med down, 6 to go!
And of course, he sat up for her for a few seconds and she was very excited to see it... He really showed off...

This was my and his nurse's 2nd favorite doctor's appointment so far, second ony to the ENT because he was so ridiculously good-looking... But I digress... :)

Soooo, that's our news... Love y'all! Keep on prayin!

PS-Here's a little clip of Dax sitting up, alllllll by himself, playing his piano. Looks like all the baby Mozart is paying off!

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shamimar said...

Can't believe how great Daxton is doing...Well I can believe it cuz' he's just full of suprizes. Ya'll keep doin' what you're doin' and he'll keep right on trucking along!!!