Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ENT Update

Hi all,

Promised you an update... And it's a pretty good one! The ENT looked at Daxton's ears and noted he has fluid, so he's scheduled us to come back at the beginning of March to check again. If there is still fluid at that time, then he will piggy-back in on Dax's cardiac cath later that month to put tubes in Dax's ears. That should eliminate the need to re-sedate Daxton to do it later. Luckily the ENT and the cath guy seem to be buddies, so maybe they can plan out the procedure over some beers ;)

As far as the vocal chords, the doc stuck a scope down Dax's nose and into his throat to peek, and he determined that the left vocal chord is completely paralyzed at this point in time. Although that in itself is not good news, there is good news attached. First of all, it is possible that the damaged nerve will regenerate itself given time, although we won't know for sure if it will for another year or so. The other good news is that Dax's right vocal chord works great, so even if the left one does not regenerate, Dax should be able to compensate for the left one and in a few years no one will be able to tell that he has any problems with it.

So, good news!

Also, please send up lots of extra prayers tonight... The doctor is going to try Baby Payton on CPAP again tomorrow... She just has to make it this time! Please pray for her lungs to be strong, and her body to be calm!

Love you all!


4 on the go said...

our thoughts are with your little guy as well as Payton

Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

I'm glad that today went well. and that all the news was (mostly) all good.

ya'll are in our thoughts often! So glad Daxton continues to amaze!

The Snyder's said...

Good to hear updates!! I will be praying that his vocal cords heal quickly..
Also I will be praying for Payton today..
Love Ya.