Monday, January 5, 2009

A short, but not so short, update

Hi all! Short post tonight, as Kinsley's mom tells me I write too much and no one with a baby at home has time to read it.

We just weighed and measured Dax tonight, and he is now 13lbs, 15oz, and he's 24.5 inches long. He's getting so big! Or we thought, at least, until we saw him next to his girlfriend... She's long and lean, like a preemie supermodel on oxygen. And an adorable double chin :)

He's reaching some new milestones that are very cute, like reaching up and pinching his daddy's lips shut when he talks too much. (You know, that thing I've been wanting to do for years...) He's switching objects from hand-to-hand well, and has been known to hang his favorite teething rings on his g-tube so he can get to it more easily later.

He also continues to do well with his oxygen. We still have to turn him up for a while from time to time if he's fussy or for whatever reason just not satting well, but in general we're able to keep him on 1 liter or less of flow. I think he's sitting on about .9 liters now and is doing fine with it. just don't tell him!

He's had some tummy issues the past two days, and as we scrub the puke out of our hair, yet again, we hope whatever it is is almost over. He's been on a banana and sweet potato and applesauce diet this afternoon, and he's kept that all down, so hopefully he's feeling better. This all started after he had his first taste of chicken yesterday morning, and although he really appeared to enjoy it at the time, maybe he didn't so much after all.... Guess we'll try that one again later... Much later!

As for me, I'm fat and hungry, and I think I may already have a 3-lb baby in there. I finally have my doctor's appointment on Thursday, and I'm hoping he'll go ahead and do a head count while I'm there. I'm 10 weeks preggo today, so we need to know if it is twins so they can go ahead and schedule a cerclage... the procedure where they stitch shut your cervix. I'm hoping they'll just go ahead and sew shut that entire area, because I can guarantee NO ONE will be needing it anymore. Please send your condolences to my husband ;D

At any rate, if you have any guesses about how many babies and/or the sex of the babies, go ahead and get your votes in now.

I had a crazy dream the other night that ended with mom and I discovering it was only 1 baby, and it was a girl. But I did eat 9 fruit roll ups right before bed that night...

And finally, just got a message from Payton's mom. Looks like Payton is hanging tight and continuing to beat the odds. Thanks everyone for the prayers, and keep them coming!

Also got an update from Rosemary's mom the other day... She's hanging in there, too, and they're hoping to get a trach soon so Rosemary can finally go home. Please continue to keep them in your prayers, too!

And of course, please continue to remember Baby Kinsley, Baby Drayke, Baby Landon, Baby Matthew, and Baby McKenzye, too. All little fighters, and all little miracle babies.

Okay, so this post didn't end up that short after all, but I've never been known as the strong, silent type I suppose. But I'll shut up now and head to bed. It's my night to get up and I should sleep while I can.

Love you all!


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

What Dr are you going to? I have a Dr apt Thursday too. I hope that your appt goes well and you are able to find out how many babies there are in there!

Good luck with the puking- trust me, the older they get and the more variety they eat- the worse it gets!

Anonymous said...

Excited to hear the results of your head count. We are not having anymore...unless Jonathan gets me so drunk that I don't know it. LOL Glad to hear you are still going good at home.

Ryans Mama said...

Hey, I was just looking at your blog to see if you had any new news... nothing but I was looking at your pics and wanted to let you know that your son is so freakin cute it's unreal! He is such a happy baby, I love it.