Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hello all,

So it's been a few days since my last update. Been pretty boring around here I suppose... We had a good weekend and continued to be able to turn down the oxygen to .2 or .3 at times... Don't tell anybody, but he was satting so well one time even after we turned the machine as low as it would go, so I unplugged the tubing to see what would happen... And he kept satting 99%... Until he realized there was no air blowing in his nose and he woke from his nap raising cane and we subsequently plugged him back up with great speed :) It was his first successful room air trial, even if it only lasted for 20 seconds! (His sats never dropped under 97%, btw!)

His Grandma Mills came to dote on him for a couple of days and they got some good bonding time. He liked her much better after he pooped. She does have that effect on people ;)

Monday morning Dax decided to start acting like... Dax... and started dropping his sats at times. He had to turn his oxygen up to about 1.5 liters to keep him happy. I was terrified, as that's the first thing he does when he's getting an infection, but he stabilized there and tonight we've been able to turn him back down to normal levels. He's sleeping right now with his O's set on .3, and he's satting 100%. I suppose he just wanted to give us something to stew about. He does like to keep us jumping!

He's been a little fussy the last two days, so his nurse has worked extra hard to spoil him as much as possible. I had so much fun tonight holding him and watching him smile, then laying him down and he screams immediately. Pick him back up, and he smiles... Lay him back down, and he screams. It was funny for about 5 minutes, and then I had to pee. At that point, it ceased to be so funny!

So we have our ENT appointment tomorrow to check Daxton's hearing and his vocal chords. His hearing is obviously fine, if not a little selective (a genetic condition he inherited from his father), but I'm nervous and not sure what to expect about the vocal chords. I'll update as soon as I get a chance...

That's all of our news! As for our buddies, prayers of praise for Baby Payton who is doing great, and they're hoping to try CPAP again this week... Pray her lungs can handle it! Prayers of praise and continued healing for Baby Drayke who had his trach and g-tube surgery last week and can hopefully get well enough to go home soon! Prayers of thanks and continued healing for Baby Rosemary who had her trach surgery also, and is planning on going home in a couple of months. And, of course, please continue to pray for all of our friends and the other sick babies out there... They're the most innocent little creatures, but they go through so much...

Oh, and just heard from my friend Kimberly's brain surgery today. (She's a grown-up.) The benign cyst they went in to remove turned out to be an aneurism... They're very thankful to have caught it and are confident the surgery went very well. Please send up prayers of healing for her, also!

Thanks! And, love y'all!

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dana said...

I am so glad that Dax is doing so good on his oxygen. What a day it would be when there are no strings attached to our children.