Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yay! A new year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fun and safe night. We were all tucked in our beds snugly at midnight last night, but apparently Dax is on Mountain Time, as he woke up and started partying at 1 instead. Admittedly it wasn't a very fun party...

So here we are on New Year's Day, and I'm in my baby-cereal covered jammies curled up on the couch, and eating mashed potatoes from a big plastic bowl. Daxton's over in his exer-saucer moving all the unattached toys to the floor and watching Hoodwinked, his AND his dad's favorite movie. His nurse is off today and Shep's at work, so it's just us, and we're having a lazy morning. It's pretty fun :)

Everything has been pretty easy with Mr. Daxton lately, knock on lots of wood. We had no therapies or appointments this week, and ever since we found out about teething tablets (thanks Aunt Wee Wee!) things have been a little quieter around here. He actually slept through the night 2 nights ago, although his alarms did not, but hey, it's a start!

His oxygen needs are remaining stable, and he's doing well with eating, pooping, and peeing. Really, really well with pooping, actually. REALLY well:) Thank heavens for the diaper genie!

In really exciting news, he's now back in size 2 diapers, which is the size he was in pre- hernia surgery:) Our big boy is growing up!

I spoke with his pediatrician the other day and she's putting him back on 24-calorie formula, because he's putting on weight very slowly. You walk a thin line with chronic lung babies... Too much weight too fast, and they outgrow their lungs, but too little weight too slow, and the lungs aren't growing optimally. Hopefully this little boost will help him bulk up a little for the winter...

I've been thinking all morning about our past year, about the year to come, and how unpredictable life really is. Just a year ago I was pregnant with our twins and terrified about the prospect of trying to take care of two babies... Wondering if we'd be able to handle it. Of course, we all know how hectic our year ended up being, and I now feel pretty confident we can handle just about anything life throws at us. We just wish life would stop throwing such crazy stuff at us!

(That being said, we took the plunge yesterday and put a bid on a new house, because we don't have enough things going on right now and thought moving would spice things up. Please pray that everything works out for the best with this... We're really excited, and it's the deal of a lifetime! We'll keep you posted...)

We've lived the last few months just knowing that 2009 had to be better, because 2008 seemed to be a hard year for everyone we know. So many people have died, so many people have had sick babies, so many people have been sick... Surely 2009 will be better! And yet already two our friends are being tested... Our friend Kimberly, the one who's boyfriend of 8 years died 2 months ago in a car accident, discovered yesterday she has a mass in her brain. She will find out more as more tests are run, but please pray the mass is benign and can be easily treated.

Also, I spoke with Baby Payton's mom this morning, and it appears Payton's doctors are not expecting her to live. Please pray that Payton will turn things around and show the doctors what she is capable of, and also pray for the healing of her eyes and lungs.

So I guess that's our news. I'm hoping for a nap now, for both me and the baby, and maybe that will happen:) Sheniqua's been using up all my energy lately and I'm pooped. Plus with all that partying we did last night...

So we hope you're all well, and we love you, and hope you all have a wonderful new year. Please keep Daxton, Kimberly, Payton and her mom, and Sheniqua all in your prayers, and thanks so much for all that you do!

Love you,
The Sheppards

PS-If anyone knows where I can get a banana slushee, please let me know! Been craving one for days!


Laura (speaking for everyone!) said...

New year- new challenges- new loves of our lives.
I hope this new year brings your family lots of wonderful things! You have defintely showed your strenght this year!

Mom said...

I have been on pins & needles all night here at the RMH waiting for some kind of news about Peyton. Is N going to try to get her transferred back to Vandy? Maybe there is something they can do. Until then I am praying a lot for all our little ones.

aunt wee wee said...

I can assure you "Mom" that Vandy is NOT the answer.

Mom said...

To Aunt Wee Wee:

Have we met?