Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday's appointment

Hello everyone,

We've had a pretty good week this week! We had our two doctor's appointment's on Tuesday... Neurology went about as I had expected... Daxton=his MRI and his chart and not the actual wonder boy sitting in front of him. The neurologist was a little more optimistic than he was at our last visit, and he does not want to see us again for 4 more months. Dax may have to go in completing triathalons and doing calculus before this doc will bat an eye... So we'll see.

(If I was a less tactful person, I'd spend a while talking about what a $%$ the &*)%... Oh wait, I'm losing my train of thought. I AM a tactful person, I AM a tactful person...)

The cardioogy appointment was next, and it went GREAT! Dax's echo looked fantastic! The doc says our next step is to complete the cardiac cath so she can determine what the next phase of Dax's treatment will be. The cath scares me, as Dax is doing so well right now, and the cath will require rehospitalization and intubation, and we all know how much Dax and I both enjoy the ventilator. I spoke with his cardiologist this afternoon, and she talked with the cath guy today and we're shooting for early March. I'm hoping that gives us enough time to grow lots of lung tissue so Dax will be able to extubate quickly after the procedure.

In between those appointments, we got to go visit with one of our adopted families, and we had a great time. (Aunt Nat made us breakfast, and fed me homemade rice crispy treats. We love her so much!) The PT came to see him there, and Dax performed very well. It was a long day, but a good day!

(Other than that %^&%$ &**^...... Whoops. Sorry.)

So tomorrow we have the pulmonologist, geneticist, and neurodevelopmental clinic. I'll update you on those sometime this weekend.

Hope you're all doing well! Love ya!


Our little Miracles said...

Glad to hear things are going fairly well. I vote for Daxton to do calculus next visit. Some Doctor's are afraid of the amazing.. Way to go on the cardiologist visit.

Catherine said...

Glad you enjoyed your day!
Of course you could spell tact the way Will does....(at)tack (oops sorry hairball!)
Thanks for keeping us updated! WooHoo!